How to Create Custom Workflow Solutions With Enclosed Office Cubicles

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December 27, 2018

If your office is going through changes, enclosed office cubicles and desk systems can change and grow with you. You might be a rapidly-growing company with new hires, or your static office space might be growing too small for your growing team. In either case, you might need to scale back and decrease the size of your furniture. Enclosed cubicles can easily be made smaller because they can be customized and reconfigured.

Our complimentary space planning experts help keep the refurbishment of your office cubicles well within your budget. Our planning team measures the office area to see how much square footage there is. We then analyze the process flow of the organization to find out the number of cubicles needed. Enclosed cubicle sizes and the specific features required are based on the needs of the staffers who use them. The design team ]completes a layout drawing, showing each workstation as related to its surroundings.

Our enclosed cubicles are perfect for Houston startup companies. We offer many configuration options ranging from modern cubicles that create totally private offices and conference rooms to customizing open-concept areas for professional and creative collaboration. Utility is a primary consideration with all modular systems. They can be reconfigured as the company gets bigger, with each production area mirroring the completion of employee tasks.

Every enclosed cubicle comes with particular features. You can pick and choose what you want according to what employees need. Storage space might be more necessary for some employees than others and the same applies with work space size and task lighting. Cubicles panels are constructed from a number of resources including wood veneer, glass, and various fabrics. We have both wood and laminate desks that can be customized for different people for different reasons. Modular systems can also be designed with storage systems built in that allow workers to access what they need within their reach without having to get up. We carry multiple lines of comfortable ergonomic office chairs that are rated for 8 hours to offer comfort to employees who may be sitting for most of their workday.

Here at Cubicle World, installation involves so much more than just delivery, un-boxing, and placement within the office environment. It’s also about having it fit the first-time. Our office furniture experts can plan this with you carefully so that everyone has their needs and requirements satisfied. Different cubicle designs can be determined for the needs of different departments, which require different tasks.

Once you determine how many members of your company require cubicles, including you, your managers, and other staff members, we can assist you in drafting out ta plan that will not only fit your budget as well as your floor space but also satisfy the needs of you and your employees.

There are many ways to address the potentially challenging task of buying office furniture in the Houston area. Here at Cubicle World, we offer you a simple one-stop shop that will set you up with what you need as well as keep you under your budget.

We proudly provide free office space planning with professional CAD drawings and absolutely no obligation to purchase. Cubicle World founder and President, Jerry Mogyorody, has been doing space planning for decades now in many different settings. Call us today to see how Jerry can give you what you need for your business.

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