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April 22, 2019
Are you just starting out with a new business? Expect new office cubicles to make a great first impression not just with your visiting clients but with your own employees as well. Even if the workspace is only for the eyes of staff, new cubicles which are designed and built to maximize user control, comfort, and efficiency, can definitely raise morale. You don’t have to be an up-and-coming business to enjoy new office cubicles.

If you’ve been established for a while and just want a change of scenery while improving customer workflow, then you may be interested in an upgrade with new office cubicles. They can essentially give your workspace a substantial makeover when they’re looking a bit lackluster and run-down. Could it be that your company is actually expanding? As this is happening, you need a larger workplace in order to accommodate new hires. In a case like this, new space makes way for new office cubicles so that you can make the best use of space. If you’re looking for ones that can match your existing furnishings, we are experts in making that happen as well.

What if you’re expanding but a new, larger space just isn’t in the plans? You may find that your new office cubicles need to be tailored to these situations of increasing density. You’ll need office cubicles that are compact but highly effective. This is not a difficult task for cubicles, which for years have had a well-established place in high-density work environments such as call centers, tech support departments, and customer service departments.

Some high-density office cubicles can be as simple as a workstation made of three main structural partitions which support a desk. Even in a case like this, there is a lot of room for customization. Your new office cubicles can utilize shared side partitions as they’re placed side-by-side in rows of any length, each outfitted with an ergonomic chair. This keeps your environment tidy, organized and efficient. With smaller work areas, you can either decrease partition height or instead add glass panels, or “windows” to the top portions of the panels to keep workstations feeling light and unconfined while still offering privacy. The panels of your new office cubicles can be made of fabric to further increase the much-needed privacy that comes with the busy, high-density territory.

Another situation where you may want to replace your existing cubicles with new office cubicles is in the case of business relocation. When you move into a new space, it’s an excellent time to make changes to your work environment, so why not include a change to new office cubicles? It may in fact even be imperative, because with a new physical space comes new physical parameters that might give you no choice but to find a new design solution for your layout of new office cubicles and other furnishings and equipment.

While making the decision to buy new office cubicles, why not call Cubicle World? Aside from having plenty for you to choose from, when it comes to office layout design, Jerry is an expert going on decades now in finding the absolute best solution that can improve workflow, improve circulation, and make the most efficient use of space. Based off of the measurements of your new office space and information about all employees who’ll be using the space, we can come up with a plan that will conceive of the perfect new office cubicles to satisfy your office needs while arranging them in a way to support you and not the other way around.

It used to be that cubicles came only in particular colored fabrics—you could probably have guessed that they employed a drab color palette over laminated wood board. You can imagine how office workers may have felt confined and uninspired to boot. These days, that’s hardly the case. New office cubicles have helped to restore the reputation of the modular workstation. They are designed and engineered in almost every shape, size, color, pattern, material, and combination of storage features that you can imagine. Because of this they’re highly customizable when you’re looking for the perfect cubicle for your office environment. Any look that you want, which is one of thousands of possibilities, you can due to the many features and dimensions that can be specified.

New office cubicle panels are made from an expansive and varied range of fabrics, natural wood, laminates, particle board, and glass, each with many options in color, texture, shape, and grade. With this level of possibilities, you’ll always find a collection of new office cubicles that will coordinate with the interior design of your workspace. Desks can be made from wood veneer or laminate, and panels can come in many fun and functional materials. Cubicle World owns its own fabrication plant, and we are able to source materials from thousands of vendors globally. This allows us to design and build new office cubicles that are customized to specific job functions and workflow requirements, all while keeping costs well within your budget.

New office cubicles can be customized with a number of useful of accessories and features. This is an indispensable way to add functional value to your workstations. You can find cubicles that include locking or non-locking file cabinets, tack boards, shelving systems, built-in rails to hang even more features, and so on. Overhead bins can be included and can even lock in order to store documents and other items. All these features are an indispensable way to add functional value to your new office cubicles.

Cubicle World is the perfect stop for your new office cubicles. We offer free shipping as we deliver nationwide throughout the lower 48 states. We act as a retail distributor for other major manufacturers as well. If you happen to see a line of new office cubicles which are appealing to your senses and the workflow needs of your office, don’t hesitate to give us a call where you can get a free quote as well as a complimentary office layout design drawing for your new office or even your existing office. Call us today!

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