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March 8, 2016

Executive Office Furniture On Sale Now!

As you get ready to buy new office furniture for yourself and your managers, you’re uncomfortably aware of two facts: Furniture prices are going up. Your budget may not go as high as you need for new pieces of furniture for everyone. This means you have some hard choices to make: Buy only for a few managers or skimp on what you buy. If you’re worried that this means you’ll be buying cheaply made, low-quality furniture, think again!

Measure Office Space for Your Managers

Go on ahead and begin making preparations for buying office furniture for all of your managers and yourself. Before you order anything, take detailed measurements of every manager’s office. Don’t forget to have your own office measured as well.

If your current executive office furniture is too big or small, measure it as well. You’ll need to know what desk, credenza and filing cabinet sizes to avoid when it’s time to buy.

Choose the Right Materials for Furniture

Look at the style of your office, as well as its current decor. Most offices fit into one of two styles – classic or modern. In the classic style, you’ll find wood desks and chairs, as well as hutches or credenzas. You may also find wooden filing cabinets, which helps to carry through the classic style.

In the modern decor theme, you’ll find furniture made with steel and glass, giving the office an up-to-date and high-tech look and feel. These offices may also be outfitted with steel beams overhead.

It’s difficult to combine the looks from each office style. You can probably use smaller pieces of modern furniture in a classically designed office and vice-versa, but do so with small pieces only.

Remember All-Important Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the way that our bodies work in our environment. If you want you and your managers to work at top efficiency, then the furniture you’re ultimately going to choose should be made so it works with your body.

Think of your office chairs. Are you able to adjust them so the back supports your back? Can you adjust the height? Does your chair have lumbar support for your lower back?

If it doesn’t have any of these features, your body lets you know at the end of a long work day, doesn’t it? Your lower back aches and you may feel tension and soreness in your shoulders and neck.

Why Used Office Furniture Should Be an Option

Choosing used or re-manufactured office furniture is an excellent option when your budget won’t allow you to purchase all-new pieces, even if you do get a volume discount.

As long as you make sure that each piece of furniture has been rebuilt so it looks and performs just like new furniture, you’ll get just as many years of use out of it. By buying re-manufactured office furniture, you’ll still be able to add style and good looks to your managers’ offices, as well as yours. Cubicle World furniture experts can help you when you call. Browse our office furniture when it’s time to buy used executive furniture.

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