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April 1, 2019
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When purchasing furnishings for your workplace or office, you shouldn’t hesitate to consider fabric-wrapped acoustical panels as a worthy addition among our other, more traditional office furniture. This is because whether you work at home or in a densely-populated office building, sound is happening everywhere we go, whether inside the buildings we operate in or outside of them.

Unfortunately, a good portion of that sound is unwanted, which is where Cubicle World’s fabric-wrapped acoustical panels come in. The acoustical panels we carry are designed such that they both dampen sound in your space while also enhancing its aesthetic quality. Whether free-standing, wall-mounted, or ceiling-hung, we have a variety of fabric-wrapped acoustical panels to suit an equally varying array of factors including the nature of your work, your own sense of style and the physical dynamics of your interior.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., all of our acoustically superior fabric-wrapped acoustical panels feature a 0.65 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating, making them a superb tool controlling sound and dampening reverberations in any space of your choosing. This high NRC is due in large part to the materials and construction method used, which are also ecologically sound. An FR701 acoustical fabric comprises the first layer of the panel.

This may remind you of the popular and extra-durable premium fabric room dividers you may be familiar with, because the material is identical in both products. Both lend an optimal degree of acoustical performance. The second layer of our fabric-wrapped acoustical panels is of a 100% recyclable 2000-gram density non-woven polyester. This polyester is effective in noise-blocking as the fiberglass foam that’s often found in other, similar panels out on the market. Its non-woven nature helps to ensure that noise is properly dampened. The innermost layer is a rigid mineral board honeycomb that acts as a sound trap.

With all of our fabric-wrapped acoustical panels, thanks to the many customizable features, such as size, shape, and color, you can enjoy a solution that satisfies both the aesthetic and functional needs of your space. You can also enjoy savings through their affordability, making it possible to purchase many as an integrated solution throughout your entire workspace or office.

You can choose from over 20 beautiful fabric colors, so that you can always find a way to coordinate your fabric-wrapped acoustical panels with the rest of your interior’s design. Make sure that if you want to get the very best acoustical performance, meeting a coverage that equals 15-20% of the square footage of your space is perfect.

Among the fabric-wrapped acoustical panels we have available is our free-standing floor-mounted solution (featured in the above video). This panel has a sleek design that incorporates just the right materials and construction methods to control your space’s sound as well as dampen any reverberations. At 2” thick and weighing less than 25 pounds, this panel is easy to handle and move.

The construction includes an anodized aluminum frame, which is durable enough for the panel to be self-supporting but lightweight enough to relocate wherever and whenever you choose. At 2” thick, each panel stands 55” tall and tapers from 24” at its base to 16” at its top.

While this is the only size available for our free-standing fabric-wrapped acoustical panels, we have plenty of color choices available, especially when you need to purchase more than one. You can also easily stand this panel up once you’ve found its perfect location. Fit it into the two portable floor mounts that give support on each side to have a functional free-standing high-performing acoustical element ready in just seconds.

Free-standing panels can simply be placed in between two workspaces or cubicles in order to decrease unwanted sound. If you have a private office, put a couple panels in the corners of the room to enhance communication between you and your visitors while cutting down on echoes.

These fabric-wrapped acoustical panels can even be placed around a table you might be using to conduct job interviews when your office has no benefit of an actual sheet-rocked rooms. If you’re a recording professional or hobbyist, you can have a panel by your desk for improved sound quality of your voice when vlogging, podcasting, or doing voice-over work.

Of course, variety is something that we at Cubicle World pride ourselves in. That’s why aside from our free-standing fabric-wrapped acoustical panels, you can instead give our wall-mounted or hanging panels a try. These alternatives are an especially good solution for those situations where you want to keep your floors uncluttered and utilize the other surfaces of your interior instead.

Made of the same layered material of acoustical fabric, nonwoven polyester, and mineral board, they are both an equally effective way to control and stifle any noise or lingering echoes.

Wall-mounted fabric-wrapped acoustical panels give you a no-hassle and visually appealing method of controlling noise and reverberation while freeing up much-needed floor space. They’re well-suited to spaces that might not give you the height clearance to use hanging panels but still need to stay clear of any foot traffic. Arrangeable in many different patterns, multiple panels make attractive aides to keeping conversation clear, such as when you’re in a noisy restaurant space that can easily be filled with the continuous clang of silverware and dishes, on top of a likely boisterous environment.

Like free-standing fabric-wrapped acoustical panels, wall-mounted versions are a good way to improve sound quality in recording studios for audio professionals and artists, or even musicians in the comfort of their own homes. The walls of meeting rooms, school classrooms, and offices workspaces. Whether in a professional studio or at home, wall-mounted acoustic panels are perfect for improving recordings by greatly reducing echo and reverberations.

Wall-mounted fabric-wrapped acoustical panels are very lightweight, making them easily movable, especially when you’re working with many by yourself. The durable adhesive foam strips also make them easy to mount to any wall. Once the adhesive liner is peeled off, simply press the panel in place. These acoustic panels are available in heights of 2’ and 4’, and in widths of 1’ and 2’.

You can have fun in mixing and matching these panels to find your favorite of up to nearly 200 possible patterns and combinations. This design versatility can help you key into a specific personal style or interior design scheme. You can also promote a sense of vision and morale by choosing colors specific to your company, school, or organization. There are also many geometric pattern possibilities of varying size when you decide to get creative in arranging your fabric-wrapped acoustical panels.

With Cubicle World’s hanging fabric-wrapped acoustical panels, you can add a visually exciting dynamic to the space you’re wanting to give an acoustic boost. These panels are essentially the ceiling-hung version of the wall-mounted panels we carry, from the eco-friendly materials and construction to the variety of colors and sizes available. You’ll find they’re just as useful in dampening reverberation in loud spaces, especially up high where often hard, dense surfaces in the form of structural elements and ductwork can be left exposed.

Another benefit to ceiling-hung fabric-wrapped acoustical panels is that they help to clear the floor in buildings that require it for safety reasons as well. A school may find a free-standing acoustical panel to be a tripping hazard, in which case ceiling-hung and even wall-mounted panels are a good alternative. Auditoriums and theaters, large office spaces, and high-ceilinged hallways such as found in schools are good candidates for these hanging panels. This can also be said for conference and meeting rooms as well as art galleries and museums.

We at Cubicle World know that controlling noise can be a major environmental factor in the productivity and morale of a building’s users, not to mention their quality of work and life. That’s why it’s important for us to provide you with a number of acoustical elements that can calm even the noisiest of your spaces. Give us a call for a free consultation so we can help you to find the perfect fabric-wrapped acoustical panels for your room, whether it be free-standing, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted. With every order that you place, you can also enjoy 100% free shipping. Give Cubicle World a call today at (713) 412-3090!

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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