Free Office Desk Cubicle Layout Design CAD Drawing With Every Complimentary Quote

Office Desk Cubicle Layout Design Cad Drawing With Free Quote Direct From The Factory
May 4, 2018

Cubicle World offers you the unique opportunity to have free office desk cubicle design. This service allows you to build your own custom workstation at prices lower than retail office furniture sources.  Our process follows the “form follows function principle,” which simply means that your cubicle’s design should be based upon the tasks it helps the worker complete. Our factory has access to thousands of materials, so there is no limit on the variations in aesthetics and style that we can create.  Our customers order everything from small telemarketing cubicles to private offices with glass panels that do not even look like cubicles.

Focusing on workflow first, however, is the only way to ensure that our customers receive a return on investment.  Houston is, after all, a very pragmatic city. Most of our customers are looking for cubicles that will reliably work and last for years to come.  They turn to our office desk cubicle design team to help them solve space management problems associated with rapid growth.

Companies who have to hire a new round of employees often have to do so while still paying on a lease.  Since moving is not an option, they turn to Cubicle World for innovative space planning solutions that will help them double or even triple their square footage utilization in their existing office space.  Older furniture can be removed and sold as used as-is pieces, or it can be liquidated for tax breaks.

Creating a new work environment in your office will give you the chance to radically increase your productivity.  If you have been experiencing increasing clutter, problems with lighting, and constant discomfort, our office desk cubicle design team can customize new workstations built with sound, ergonomic principles.  

Considerations such as desk size, shape, and positioning are taken into account so that work surfaces are evenly illuminated.  We also make certain that employees can reach their phones, computers, and peripherals with minimal movement. This drastically reduces strain on the back and the arms.  Other considerations, such as writing areas (which are still needed in many job descriptions), storage compartments, and document filing systems are built into the workstation on a case by case basis determined solely by the needs of each individual employee.  

Cubicle World owns its own fleet of trucks, so delivery and installation are included in one final price.  There are never any financial surprises when you work with Cubicle World, because we build nothing until you sign off on your free office desk cubicle design.  With laminates, wood veneers, fabrics, and hundreds of accessories, you can build everything you need–including conference areas and executive suites–with basic cubicle components.  Call us now to schedule a meeting with one of our designers.

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