How Can You Use a Freestanding Room Divider?

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February 18, 2019
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With the array of options that Cubicle World has to offer in freestanding room dividers, why not find one that is guaranteed to be a great fit for your needs? It doesn’t matter what kind of space you have, whether you work in a school, business, or restaurant, there is likely to be a freestanding room divider that addresses your space-partitioning concerns in a flexible, impermanent way.

We see buildings and spaces designed for one purpose serve other purposes all the time, and it might just be the case that yours does too. Places of worship are a great examples of this and can benefit from using freestanding room dividers as well. A church, for instance, isn’t only a center for prayer and sermons. Acting as a community services center, one can also use its sanctuary space for other purposes. One-on-one prayer, Bible study groups, food drives, banquets, and other diverse events can happen in the same space. In the case that any two were going on, a freestanding room divider can allow a non-routine event to occur without encroaching upon a regularly-scheduled activity.

Offices can also use freestanding room dividers effectively for a number of reasons. A spur-of-the-moment business meeting can take place amid employee workstations with just a divider or two. After the meeting ends, the dividers can contract back into a manageable size for storage or be wheeled to another area for use as a partition for a break room or even to divide one department from another. Depending on how you use the freestanding room divider, you might not even feel the need for a conventionally constructed room in your office!

Schools are another excellent example of how a freestanding room divider can be transported into and out of a space according to temporary need. One can divide the many diverse activities that take place during a regular school week or even day with one or multiple dividers. Whether separating a lecture space from a play space, or a playspace from a reading corner, a freestanding room divider can benefit a room with dynamic uses. Setting up multiple dividers can act as backdrops for presentations at various school events, including art exhibits, science fairs, and book fairs. As a crowd-control measure during election periods, they can help to direct members of the voting public from a school’s numerous entrances, past hallways and other off-limits spaces, to the voting areas. Voting booths can also benefit from the freestanding room divider when extra privacy might be needed as people are casting their ballots.

Libraries and bookstores can use freestanding room dividers during community events that happen to take place during regular hours. Particularly with our noise-abating acoustical fabric variants, visitors of all kinds can still maintain a sense of quiet and focus when, for instance, a guest author is invited to give a public reading or sign a newly-published book. A discussion about the temporary nature of freestanding room dividers isn’t complete without talk of convention centers. With all the diverse events that take place in one, it’s only natural that freestanding room dividers should heavily feature in these structures. Freestanding room dividers can help to direct and control the public throughout these large spaces. They can also provide adequate separation of individual stations during trade shows and product expos, conventions of all kinds, and educational workshops as well as networking areas.

Cubicle World has folding, sliding, single-panel and even configurable variants of freestanding room dividers that you can choose from, to handle spatial issues of various scale and use. The popular 360-degree folding partition includes patented 360-degree hinges that are designed with full range of motion in mind. Allowing you to configure it into multiple several different shapes, such as an “L” or a “C,” this divider is the most flexible we have to offer. Our sliding dividers add an elegant touch to any space while the telescoping hinges keep them straight over even the greatest of specified lengths. Speaking of dimensions, there are multiple heights and widths that you can choose from to further tailor your freestanding room divider to your preferences. We also have portable dividers available in acoustical fabric, polycarbonate (plastic), economical canvas, and even wicker for more outdoor applications.

No matter your building, industry, or event, contact us at Cubicle World to determine which freestanding room divider works best for your purposes. We’re experts at transforming your place of work into an efficient, useable space that you enjoy being in. Representatives at Cubicle World are more than happy to work with you in a free, no-obligation consultation discussing your partitioning plans, but that’s not the only thing that’s free. Once you place an order with us, all shipping comes at zero cost to you as well. Call Cubicle World today!

Freestanding Room Divider Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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