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July 1, 2019

With our fully operational fabrication center, we can custom-build cubicles to your exact specification using competitively priced materials of your choosing to ensure that your customer service cubicles do just what you need them to do while staying under budget.

Customer service is a process of assisting a company’s clients and ensuring the fulfillment of their needs through the use of its resources and technical knowledge. It’s a service that’s present in every organization and company, and as the world of telecommunications has developed over time, the interface between it and the customer has become more complex.

Additionally, the customer service experience can last a very long time, as early as before the purchase of the good or service and throughout its life cycle or use by the customer. Therefore, the best customer service cubicles are those that are able to support such complexities and are highly durable as well.

Customer service perception can play a significant role in the attraction of potential clients to the goods or services a company has to offer. Part of that perception hinges not only on the knowledge and resourcefulness of customer service representatives but their accessibility and the clarity of communication as well, which helps to enhance the personal ability of the customer service experience especially if they are confused or frustrated. When customer service employees are carrying out their duties in the form of verbal communication, it can cause a lot of distraction.

Customer service cubicles can offer a way to minimize distractions through the use of partitions. Fabric partitions are an excellent choice for blocking and absorbing sound. They help to keep important sound within cubicles while keeping unwanted noise out of them. Height can also benefit communication for the same reason, where more height can spell more blocked ambient sound being blocked. To avoid the possibility of shutting light out of your customer service cubicles, glass inserts can line the upper portion of the partitions to keep the space bright.

Does your customer service department welcome customers in-person as well? If so, then other features should be taken into account. Thanks to the high level of configurability of not just customer service cubicles but cubicles in general, knowing how your customer service employees interact with your customers can directly lead to the perfect cubicle.

In the case of the typical call center, cubicles are noticeably smaller than average, since these sets are often very dense and in one room. The need to fit many employees into that room ensures compact workstations placed side-by-side in an attempt to make the most of relatively little floor space. Therefore only the bare minimum of what’s needed, such as a computer sitting and a telephone sitting on a desk over a file cabinet, typically comprises this type of workstation.

On the other hand, in the case of in-person services, customer service cubicles should be large enough to accommodate at least two people comfortably. The extension of the work surface into an L-shaped configuration can create a comfortable interface between customer and representative.

Taller walls might be more appropriate in this case to add an extra layer of acoustical privacy, as well as intimacy while addressing the customer’s concerns. If there’s the need for the customer service cubicle to maintain both a view and privacy, a transparent glass wall can offer an interesting alternative to fabric partitions. Frosted glass can be a nice accent instead when you want to offer both visual and acoustical privacy for conversations.

Along with the custom-building we do in Cubicle World’s fabrication center we also refurbish used ones. Thanks to the use of our trained in-house employees who are efficient at replacing, resurfacing, and updating materials, one would never know that these workstations weren’t brand-new.

We can also order any customer service cubicle you’re interested in from a catalog, premanufactured and ready to ship. As mentioned earlier, the durability of the customer service cubicles you choose is a necessity, since the customer service process is a long-lived one. Any of your cubicles can be assured through our maintenance and repair program.

Give Cubicle World a call so that we can help set you up with the perfect customer service cubicles for your business. Whether you’re wanting a newly-built cubicle or one that’s refurbished, we can build or rebuild to your specifications.

Ask us about the space planning services which we offer to you for free in the form of CAD drawings that incorporate the cubicles you plan to purchase into a scaled drawing of your office space. With every order you place, it gets shipped to you free of charge. Contact us today!

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