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Tips To Buying Glass Office Cubicles.
February 3, 2016
Glass Cubicles For A New Office Space Look!

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When you think about new office cubicles for your office, you may not have considered glass cubicles. After all, you think about that old saying, “People who live in glass houses. . .” While you won’t be throwing stones, you can give your office a different look. You’ll be able to spot your workers more easily. At the same time, they’ll be able to see where you are as well.

A More Upscale Look

Glass-walled cubicles make your office look more upscale. When you, your employees and visitors walk in, everyone will get a positive impression about your company. Compare glass walls with fabric-covered walls. Which looks better? It’s more likely than not that you’re going to say “the glass one.”

Are you also aware that those glass walls allow more natural light in? You’ll automatically create a healthier environment within the four walls of your office. (Not to mention how all that natural light will allow you to dim or turn off some of the lighting in your office.)

The Office Looks Bigger

Low cubicle walls and glass walls combine to make the entire space look larger. While you’ll still have the same amount of square footage, it will appear to be more spacious – which could help to impress visitors.

This visual effect may help your employees as they sit within their cubicles, getting through all their projects and work assignments. If they feel that the space is bigger, they may feel more comfortable physically.

Your Workers Can Find You More Easily

When you’re sitting in a manager’s or employee’s cubicle, going through their work or just shooting the breeze, it takes only a few minutes for another employee to stand up, look around and spot you. If they have a question to run by you, it saves them time.

If your own cubicle is enclosed by tall, glass partition walls, it’s just as easy for them to see you there, as well. Again, they’ll be able to give you a call or walk to your office and confer with you on a work question.

You Can See What Your Workers are Doing

This is an owner’s and manager’s boon, especially if you have a worker or two who try to slack off on their daily tasks. Before, with metal or fabric panels separating cubicles from each other, it was easy for your workers to situate themselves strategically so they could “hide” from you as they slowed down on getting their work done.

It’s now just as simple as looking through several glass panels from your cubicle to a worker’s cubicle workstation. Now, you can see just what they are doing.

If you enclose your conference area within glass walls, your workers will be able to see just who’s in that meeting. If they need to speak to you or their manager, they won’t have to knock on a door, potentially disturbing the meeting. When they see that you’re busy, they’ll simply wait or send an email about the issue.

If you are seriously considering glass-walled cubicles, talk to our office furniture experts here at Cubiture. We’ll be able to help you answer all of your questions. Browse our cubicles and learn more about glass cubicles.

Call Us For A FREE Glass Cubicles Quote  713-412-3090.
Visit Our Office Cubicle Warehouse Located At 11050 West Little York, Bldg J, Houston TX 77041

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