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September 4, 2019

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The emergence of the glass office cubicle brought about an end to the open office. Rows and columns of desks expose workers to too many distractions. Glass partitions allow workers to see everything around them, but they also insulate workers from background conversation and office noises.
Each employee has a private space all to himself or herself. Depending on the configuration, however, there can still be a great deal of openness that facilitates airflow and limited collaboration between workers. Glass office cubicles, just like their equivalents made from laminate or fabric, can be clustered together into individual environments that house teams of employees—or even ere departments.

The abundance of natural light that floods a glass cubicle also creates a sense of expanded space. If you think about moving to a new office because your existing suite is cramped, please think again. Perhaps you will not need to move after all if you invest in glass panel workstations that create a sense of expansion while simultaneously consolidating task completion areas into focused pockets of performance.

Glass Office Cubicle Options
Glass is expensive, so if you have a limited budget, it is not practical to invest in all glass panels. Realistically, you do not need the entire partition to be made from glass unless you are aiming for a very high-end design. In most office environments, where a touch of elegance is all that is needed, panels made partially from glass can create most of the effects that all glass panels are known for.

The most noticeable of these effects is the abundance of natural light that every employee will experience within his or her personal space. Even partial glass panels will flood the desk area with light coming in from office windows. Glass also lets in more artificial light from the office ceiling.

This influx of light will generate a much more upbeat and positive atmosphere within your office space. Perhaps the biggest complaint that many still have is that cubicles are too confining. These people have probably never sat in a glass office cubicle, otherwise, they would not make such statements. The transparency of glass eliminates that feeling of being hemmed in by panels. The physical boundary is still there, but the visual barrier is gone.

Design Possibilities
You can do more with glass cubicles than you can with workstations made from other materials. Glass is by far the best material to use to create what many now call a blended office design. A blended design takes the standard open concept and selectively modifies it for privacy. By varying the width and height of glass panels, we can generate whatever degree of accessibility an employee needs without diminishing the overall visual impact of the office layout.

Blend Open Concept with Privacy
The open-concept office had its peak, and now it’s beginning to level off. But what remains is the understanding that collaboration is good in almost every office in any type of business. The problem is affording the psychological privacy that workers need while helping encourage collaboration.

Meanwhile, the same glass panels work to dampen surrounding sound. The glass in office cubicles works just like the glass in the windows. It blocks sound waves hitting the surface of the panels.

Forget about the limitations of the past when you think about glass office cubicles. Think light and expansion. With endless possibilities. At Cubicle World, and call Jerry now.

Glass Office Cubicles – Free Quote – 713-412-3090

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