Half Wall Cubicles

August 2, 2019

Cubicles partition your interior space into compartmentalized areas for your employees to work, unfettered by outside stimulus, however, employee communication can be difficult.

A half-wall cubicle adds a fundamental advantage to your office. Your interior space should be optimized with a balance between personal space and communal space. Your company will realize its goals more quickly with workstations that support the free flow of information between workers.

The free flow of ideas is paramount to enhancing productivity in the office and the sharing of the workload. Due to their smaller size, half-wall cubicles better support this flow of information. They facilitate quick conferencing where issues can be quickly resolved and challenges can be met by collaborative problem-solving. Employees can remain in their workstations while conferring together, eliminating the need to leave their posts and confer in special conference areas.

A healthy interpersonal relationship between employees fosters a greater dedication to company culture, and your company culture promises a greater feeling of shared well-being. Conversely, an office may get claustrophobic under a regime of high-walled office cubicles. A never-ending cavalcade of walls will block an employee’s vision, hindering the communal-office experience.

However, all the idea-sharing around the office may become problematic if there is excessive noise. To counter this, half-wall cubicles may be built with sound-proofed panels that insulate seated employees from background conversations. Studies have found that employees focus better and get more work done in a semi-open environment where some private space still exists for each individual.

A half-wall cubicle perfectly fits this newer design paradigm, giving new ideas to team-members and hashing out the old ones with productive diligence. The old idea of high-walled office cubicles stands as a method of management so as each person’s work may be compartmentalized unto their role in the company and each employee answerable only to management, as each employee does not communicate vocally to the others under a high-walled cubicle system.

A mountable system of half wall cubicle partitions mounted on the desks of employees may also reduce office overhead cost and add a certain panache to the overall ambiance of the office space. Other options include a monolithic cubicle system, a tile cubicle system, and a stackable tile system. The monolithic option typically is the most affordable, with options for power and data cable setups available within the build of the cubicle.

The tile cubicle system reflects the adaptability of the office manager to customize the cubicle system to his or her requirements. The stackable tile system allows for lower costs to your overhead as the system is set in place to be fully customizable and allows for a desk height, to full height wall around the employeesoffice space; an ideal candidate for the half wall system. Contact us today.

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