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February 26, 2019
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There are many creative ways that home dividers from Cubicle World can help you spruce up your own living space, whether it be a single-family home, a high-rise condominium, a traditional apartment space, or an efficiency or studio. With various sizes and scales to choose from, finding a home divider for any-size application can be hassle-free as well.

Being equal parts style and utility, home dividers are an invaluable addition to your set of home furniture. The spaces in your home that are most often grouped together are the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Everyone seems to have a different preference for how those spaces should communicate with one another.

While today’s open floor plans reflect the informality of our workaday lives–where eating bleeds into living, living bleeds into entertaining, entertainment bleeds into cooking, and so on–sometimes we want home dividers to break this hub of activity back up into discrete and separate zones.

If you’ve ever hosted a dinner party, you may know the importance of its proper planning and execution. When wrapping up the last preparations for dinner, it can be distracting when your guests take it upon themselves to join you in the kitchen and socialize.

A home room divider that separates the kitchen from the rest of your living spaces can help signify that the kitchen is only for you and only for meal preparation until the dinner can get underway. When doing your taxes or paying your bills, or as a long-term home office solution, a home divider can also transform a dining room or breakfast nook into an impromptu office for extra focus and concentration.

You can also utilize home dividers for children’s activities, as in the case of a shared bedroom. Just because two children share a room doesn’t mean they don’t like or deserve a little privacy. While bulky and furniture such as dressers and wardrobes can help to divide one sibling’s personal space from the other’s, you can find a more efficient and easy-to-operate solution in a home divider.

You can also designate a small zone in your living room as your child’s activity or play area, while also reducing clutter around the space. Our room dividers are available in multiple heights and widths, and they’re often connectable by way of built-in magnets or Velcro. This way a home divider can extend to as long of a width as you need in order to divide your children’s personal and play space.

Home dividers can help give one much-needed privacy in co-living spaces. If you’ve never heard of the phrase “co-living space,” now may be a time to know about it. A co-living space is very similar to the traditional roommate living arrangement, except it’s become more of a necessity these days as industries such as technology have begun to boom in urban areas that already have a high cost of living.

Usually two to four complete strangers, likely college students and young professionals, are meant to share the same living quarters. For many apartment complexes, it’s become a new way to market their living units, particularly towards younger tenants with very little disposable income and often no plans for a long-term lease.

Home dividers are perfect for when co-living tenants need that extra bit of privacy when using communal spaces, with partitioning being added in between any two of them. For instance, a home divider can allow one tenant to entertain a group of friends in the living room while affording privacy to another tenant who’s spending their evening cooking dinner for himself or herself. It can also serve to block visual noise when a tenant wants to study outside of their room without having to leave the apartment, as in the case of using the living room or the kitchen table.

A studio apartment is a great example of when you might want a home divider. Most studio apartments combine living, sleeping, and cooking zones into one open space. Whether to give your studio a more traditional apartment feel, or just to add a bit of privacy for when guests come over, a home divider can easily be taken out and then stored for these purposes.

At Cubicle World we carry a line of wicker products that are wonderful for use both indoors and outdoors. Our multi-panel folding wicker home dividers can be reminiscent of those exotic, traditional privacy screens that were so commonly depicted as fixtures of women’s bedrooms.

With their organic warmth, there’s no reason one can’t still furnish their master bedroom or master bathroom suite with a decorative dressing screen. Since they’re lightweight and the panels can fold up easily when not in use, these portable home dividers are a breeze to store, manipulate, and position.

The single-sided densely-woven brown wicker panels are supported by a durable steel frame to create an elegant partitioning solution. Available in three- or five-panel variants, this home divider comes in at 6’ high and available in a width of either 6’ or 10’. What leads to its easy collapsibility for storage also leads to its fun configurability, thanks to the swivel hinges between each panel, allowing you to manipulate the divider into various shapes, such as an “L” or a “C.”

Due to their ability to withstand inclement weather, these wicker home dividers would also make beautiful additions to your outdoor amenities. The folding model can be affixed to surfaces such as concrete, by way of mounting holes in the steel footings. Maybe you’d like the single-panel wicker privacy screen to hide unsightly pool pumps or equipment, as well as your garbage bins.

The wicker folding home divider is an understated way to divide one entertainment area from another during an outdoor party, such as a summer kitchen from a seating area. This panel is flanked by 2”x2” heavy-gauge square aluminum posts for support. Only one width of 4’ is available, but two heights of 45” or 69” are available.

We also have some non-wicker home dividers that can offer a more sleek and modern look to your living space. One very popular portable partition we carry is our highly versatile 360-degree folding portable room divider, also easy to store, adjust, and move. Thanks to its 360-degree hinges, it not only gives each panel the ability to rotate fully in order to create many fun configurations, it also means considerable versatility to divide a number of unique living spaces.

Our straight version of this home divider is just as elegant, but it operates in a straight line across the space you’re looking to divide. This one may actually work better for dividing your living space in a house-share arrangement because of the various lengths it can be extended or otherwise specified to. Both are available as wall-mounted home dividers as well, and both operate easily.

Both are also available in many diverse shades of our acoustical fabric. Also a great decision for a co-living or roommate situation, this fabric material can offer an extra layer of acoustical privacy, due to each two-inch panel’s composition of a honeycomb core wrapped in layers of fiberglass for excellent sound absorption.

At Cubicle World we don’t have to serve your partitioning needs in only a work or office setting; we can also make your house feel more like a home as well–with our wide array of home dividers. We haven’t nearly exhausted the possibilities, so give Cubicle World a call for a free consultation to see what else we have in stock and what you’ll love the most for your domestic space. Don’t forget that shipping is free with every order you place. Give us a call today!

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