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Hospital Lobby Furniture For Sale In The Medical Center Houston
January 9, 2017

Hospital Lobby Furniture Sales, Installation, Service & Repair

As you get ready to replace your hospital’s old lobby furniture, look closely at each chair, table and couch. They probably look like they have been well-used. Can visitors connect to the internet and a source of power from your current furniture? Everyone who sets foot in your hospital gets their first impression from the visitor and lobby area, so as you think about what you want, keep comfort, versatility, attractiveness and even your hospital’s brand in mind.

Know Your Hospital’s Brand

In referring to your hospital brand, you should think, not only of your logo and mission statement, but how you can incorporate their color schemes. Think of the colors used in all branding and publicity materials, because you’ll want to carry those colors forward into your new lobby furniture – or at least find new furniture that complements your brand and logo.

As visitors wait for their relatives to come out from having procedures, you want them to feel welcome and relax as they wait. Depending on why they are there (waiting for a relative or friend, accompanying someone who had a medical appointment or waiting downstairs in between visiting hours, you know they will be there for some time.) So make them feel like they can stretch out a little.

Strive for Brightness

Look at the colors of your current lobby furniture. Are they dated? Is the vinyl or the fabric dulled and stained? Even worse, are some chairs and couches one color while other pieces feature another, non-coordinating color?

As you look at lobby furniture, ask about current color palettes. Depending on your own brand and logo, look for furniture colors that coordinate, complement or contrast the colors in your branding. You can also choose furniture with neutral colors, such as gray, tan or cream. Black is a good choice as well.

Remember Visitor and Patient Comfort

Remember, patient procedures don’t happen quickly. Doctors and nurses have several patients to attend to, so some people may wind up waiting for long periods of time while friends or relatives are being treated. Chairs should offer good comfort to those who choose to sit and read or scroll through tablets and smartphones. Even though lobby space may be at a premium, those waiting area chairs don’t have to be hard and uncomfortable. Make sure that seating areas have plenty of tabletop space as well so people can set coffee mugs, books, and even toys down. Give Cubicle World a call so we can show you our line of hospital lobby furniture.

Versatility is Also Important

Not everyone likes to sit in a chair with a soft cushion. Some may prefer a firmer seat. So make sure you have sufficient numbers of both types of seating available.

Make sure you have individual chairs for those who want a little physical space around them. People who come in together or families may prefer to sit together on love seats or longer sofas.

Here’s a design note. Not all sofas have to be traditional straight-line pieces of furniture. Opt for modern couches that curve. This allows visitors to sit out of the line of sight of some people, depending on where they sit.

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