How Different Types of Businesses Can Use Portable Room Dividers

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February 4, 2019
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If your office space could do with portable room dividers, then keep Cubicle World in mind to provide you with an array of partitioning solutions that will work best with your company’s needs. Portable room dividers can easily figure into a number of office setups thanks to how useful they are in helping to create useful spaces on demand.

The benefits of portable room dividers can often outweigh those of more “permanent” solutions such as wall-mounted dividers. One of the most obvious benefit has to be their high degree of flexibility. The same space can often change form when it needs to fulfill different uses. This change can happen through the course of a week or month, such as when the occasional business or project meeting is called. It can happen over longer periods of time as well, such as when your company grows or other organizational changes are made. Portable room dividers can be present to define your office space, no matter what shape it must take to address the unique changes of your company

Portable room dividers are also non-invasive. Wall-mounted partitions need a sturdy enough vertical element to support them, and many also need a track in the wall or ceiling. With portable room dividers, you can bypass the need for tools or specialized help to install hardware, and you can also manage to keep your walls free of holes from screws and other connectors. They can stand on their own for the job they’re given, and for extra stability and permanence, some models have low-profile locking casters and patented full-size end panels to help lower the center of gravity and reduce tripping hazards.

Ease of use is another advantage with portable room dividers. Most of the dividers we carry are constructed with extruded aluminum frames. Therefore, they’re durable while still being lightweight enough for most anyone in the office to be able to relocate without physical injury. The casters are useful for gliding the dividers across the floor, and their ability to expand and contract make them easy to bring them in and out of storage for impromptu usage.

Businesses that might benefit from using portable room dividers include those that first move into a new office. Maybe you want to construct actual rooms to house various departments, a conference room, a break room, or executive offices. It may be a sure plan to build in the future but you may need temporary partitions until then. Portable room dividers allow you to divide up your office space the way that you want sooner than later.

Sometimes the everyday workplace that employees are so familiar with makes the occasional break from routine. An office holiday party is one of those occasions where employees bring outside guests to the office, so it can be wise to add portable room dividers as crowd control measures to keep people from accessing certain parts of the office or to help redirect them to restroom facilities and other guest amenities.

In the case that you might be a renter in a shared-space or co-working scenario, you may find yourself working alongside another office worker with little to no separation. It’s difficult to stay focused on your work when there could be continuous visual distraction and unwanted noise, especially as you conduct business with clients. With portable room dividers, you can effortlessly double your shared office space by splitting it into two “rooms.” In any situation where company growth is occurring with insufficient office space, double up office space with portable room dividers. To increase noise reduction, make acoustical fabric your choice for room divider material.

If you’re a small company or one just starting out that simply doesn’t have the budget for the higher-end portable room dividers, you can still enjoy privacy and efficient use of space. Our more economical alternatives are made of durable, flame-retardant, 100% cotton canvas panels that are replaceable. Though one difference is lower degree of noise control they provide, they do offer many of the same advantages as their premium counterparts, such as versatile 360-degree hinges in our folding partition, a durable metal frame, connectors to join multiple units, and low-profile, non-marking swivel casters for easy storage or transport from one area to another. The panels on these canvas portable room dividers are available in four different colors. We have single-panel and multi-panel options that are available, just as with our fabric and polycarbonate models.

Call Cubicle World to ask about a free consultation, where we are more than happy to help you find the perfect portable room dividers for your business and office. Whether you’re looking for noise-dampening acoustical fabric, tough and easy-to-clean polycarbonate, cozy wicker, or practical canvas, we have something for everyone from out diverse collection of dividers. We also offer space planning services if you’re looking to modify your floor plan, free of charge and free of obligation to purchase. You can always count on free shipping on any product you order from us as well. Contact Cubicle World today!

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