How To Choose the Right Panel Room Divider

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February 5, 2019
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Choosing the right panel room divider might seem to be an easy enough task, when all you want to do is divide one area of a room from another. A partition is a partition is a partition, right? Not necessarily. In actuality, because of how differently an indoor space can be used from one organization or user to the next, not all needs are created equal. What panel room divider best enhances communication for a conference space? What are easy-to-clean options might be available for a medical laboratory? What materials best convey a sense of warmth and coziness in a hospital waiting room? There are many factors that can and should be taken into account when deciding which style of panel room divider is the right one for you. At Cubicle World, we can help you narrow down just which ones will work best with your own space, regardless of what you need it for.

Probably the first thing to consider is whether or not you’ll need a portable or stationary panel room divider. Portable dividers include those that can be moved around the space without being tied down in some way to the structure of the building. Stationary panel room dividers are those which are wall-mounted. As you may have guessed, making the choice between stationary and portable is mainly determined by how permanent your partitioning solution is. If you’re in need of a way to broadly divide one or more large spaces for a long time, a stationary panel room divider can be your best bet. A school might want to break up classroom space into a dedicated play or entertainment room that will persist for years. If adding a conventionally constructed room for a conferences, breaks, or even a whole department isn’t feasible, a stationary divider can be useful, especially if growth or a change in office layout isn’t projected for the future. However, if your company is growing or business operations are more dynamic and shifting, a portable panel room divider might be a better option to create activity-based areas that can be built quickly and broken down again.

Among both stationary and mobile types, Cubicle World offers panel room dividers in three basic formats: folding, sliding, and single-panel. Our folding, or articulating, dividers are among our most popular products, thanks to the versatility and high range of motion that is possible with their patented 360-degree hinges. Because they can be configured into multiple shapes, these are great for many uses, especially where irregular areas need boundaries or when the activities within the partitioned space is dynamic in use and form. You can also connect multiple units together to create larger areas. Folding panel room dividers are excellent for many applications, including housing various activities at educational and child care facilities; creating flexible presentation areas for offices, schools, and libraries; hosting Bible study groups at places of worship; and fostering the open sharing of ideas and roundtable discussions. Crowd control at large events might require you to contain and direct a line of people that winds and curves its way through an otherwise ordered space. Using folding panel room dividers is a good way to accommodate this situation when you take advantage of the 360-degree hinge system.

Our sliding, or telescoping, panel room dividers only expand in a straight line, and with the help of a telescoping hinge, they stay that way, even at their longest specified length. These are a practical, temporary alternative to the wall-mounted versions, and lend themselves to more impromptu events. Conference and meeting areas that need to be created in a pinch can typically be served by our sliding dividers. Ordered crowd control is well-executed with sliding panel room dividers, which can also be used block guests from off-limits areas. Sliding dividers offer a simple backdrop for poster presentations as well as signage of all kinds. They can be easily stored and moved into place when you need a quick background that hides unwanted visual noise during a speech, ceremony, or dinner.

Single-panel room dividers are easy-to-use, no-fuss dividers that are great for simple division of small spaces. If you don’t need the level of commitment that a wall-mounted divider provides and if multi-panel options are too fussy, then single panels are the way to go. Think of a row of individual desk workstations, such as in an office, library study space, or testing center. A simple division is all that’s needed to give privacy to each adjacent user. Polycarbonate windows to let in light while obscuring vision—along with acoustical fabric—for noise control and privacy—are some specifiable options of these panel room dividers that would go well with these applications.

As far as materials go, there are a few to choose from available in many assorted colors, in a range of saturation, depending on the level of energy and enthusiasm you want to convey with your panel room dividers. Acoustical fabric is very common in the office and other administrative areas, as well as in areas of study and concentration. The reason for this is the acoustical excellence of the panels, due to the fabric’s sound-dampening qualities. Our fabric panel room dividers come in 2”-thick panels, each composed of a honeycomb core sandwiched between layers of fiberglass in order to maximize sound absorption. These dividers are perfect for meeting and conference rooms, for when you want to retain important information within while repelling unwanted noise outside. Cubicles and other workspaces benefit from this material for the same reason, as do study spaces in libraries and other places of learning and concentration.

Polycarbonate, a type of highly durable plastic, is another commonly-specified material option and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. The elegant beauty of these panel room dividers, highlighted best when light passes through them, can be showcased in a handful of colors and a range of available opacities. It’s not as sound-blocking as acoustical fabric nor as visually private, but you can expect a sound reduction of 20 decibels and obscured vision that increases with opacity. Polycarbonate panel room dividers are best used in places that are versatile, high-use, and prone to spills and messes. Medical labs and healthcare facilities, cafeterias, machining shops and auto service areas are all great applications for this tough, easy-to-clean material.

While our canvas panel room dividers aren’t privy just to those with a low budget, they are some of our most economical alternatives to the above materials. Public schools and other government-funded institutions need to make the most of their budgets, so they can benefit greatly from canvas panel room dividers. While they do share a number of features with our higher-end models, they have a lower level of overall acoustical control. Since this is the case, canvas dividers can be used in situations such as a school gym, when multiple activities occurring simultaneously need to be separated but acoustical control isn’t an issue. This is also the case with children’s play areas, when multiple groups are formed or when a lesson isn’t taking place nearby.

Wicker is a popular weather-resistant material which makes it a good option for both indoor and outdoor applications. Because it imbues a sense of warmth, it’s often used for its homey and comforting feeling. Wicker panel room dividers may be used in the office to soften a colder, even boring atmosphere. Waiting rooms and lobbies of healthcare facilities can benefit from this material’s calming nature, as well as personal care facilities like spas and salons. These and wood-grain panel room dividers can also be used in the indoor business meeting areas of hotels and other lodging spaces.

With the overwhelming assortment of panel room dividers at one’s disposal, don’t get bogged down with which is the right one for you. Cubicle World offers free consultations, where we can determine together what partitioning systems are best for your company’s physical and operational needs. Give us a call at Cubicle World so we can help you get the ball rolling toward a well-organized space, replete with the perfect panel room dividers shipped to you at no charge!

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