How to Create a Positive Atmosphere Through Office Design

How to Create a Positive Atmosphere Through Office Design
March 10, 2022

Looking for a way to increase employee interactions, engagement, collaboration, and boost overall culture? Providing a modern office layout is the way to start! Well, it’s good to know that when an employee feels at “home” while at work, it allows them to be even more productive. Creating a positive office atmosphere should start with providing a great workplace. Your business will benefit the most because providing a modern office layout will only make your staff pleased and loyal to your company.  The office space has more impact on employees than one may think.  

Adapting to a Modern Office Life  

If someone sits at their office 8-9 hours a day, 40-50 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, then that space should support the employee in multiple ways. Coming out of this pandemic has shown us that the work environment where employees work can directly impact their performance, attitude, and productivity. Also, the workspace is not just for work – it is a place to take breaks, talk with colleagues, take phone calls, and most importantly, feel human! Since employees’ needs have changed, workspaces must adapt as well.  As companies navigate a fuller return to office and onsite modalities of work, they need to be prepared to physically show employees their value to the organization. Incorporating the comforts of home will be one major trend, but so will employee culture.  

To establish a positive work environment, check out this “How To” guide on upgrading your office layout design.  Let’s start by taking a look at modern office cubicles, glass doors, and open layouts and how they all directly relate to a strong office culture.  

Modern Office Layout  

These days, the office scene is all about comfort, accessibility, technological functionality, and flexibility. Employees need to know – yes need, not want – that when they come to work onsite, they are safe, secure, and comfortable. There should be a balance in offering collaborative spaces, as well as private ones. Employees can work within both their wants and needs, as individuals and teammates in a modern office layout design that combines both concepts in one space. When a person feels comfortable, they are more likely to engage in conversations and exchange ideas with others, which is what office life is all about.  

So, what is the first step in this guide, then? Modernizing your office space to reflect employee needs and desired workplace culture! Keep in mind that you will also need to determine your budget and main priorities. However, let’s continue by defining your modern office layout is the next step.  

Is an Open Layout Ideal for your Office 

Open layouts feel welcoming because there is less clutter and physical barriers in the way of accomplishing tasks or connecting with others. They can tailor office cubicles to promote better interactions between employees. Open office layouts are also a modern concept, so take advantage of this idea as it can help your business expand in the long run. If you want your team to feel like one, then they need to see each other and interact with one another regularly. Open concepts enable people to move freely, talk freely, and collaborate with ease. An open layout has the advantage of allowing you to change your office cubicle layout and office layout design to be an open concept on any size floorplan.  Once you have your ideas in mind, it will be time to outfit the floor with office cubicles 

Glass Cubicles & Doors  

Time is money! Professionals working in a busy work environment know the importance of every minute of the day. Being stopped or disrupted during a meeting can make you lose valuable time and decrease your productivity. A solution for time management can be glass cubicles with doors!  Glass cubicles with doors can enhance natural light, make a space feel more open, and prevent meeting interruptions. 

 In today’s day and age, hybrid work settings are the way of the future. Even if you are working onsite, chances are you may be logging into a virtual meeting from your office on a regular basis. Glass cubicles make all interactions, formal or informal, feel more intentional and meaningful. People want to know that their colleagues are a source of support and collective productivity, so this allows them to freely connect with one another through modern office cubicles. As a result, positive office culture and glass cubicles are a top demand in today’s workplace! 

Glass Cubicles = Open Communication  

A physical workplace must reflect a setting where employees are able to freely communicate with one another.  Glass cubicles with doors are an excellent addition to an office space that blends natural and open elements together. Glass doors, for example, can provide security to lock spaces after hours and privacy for meals, phone calls, or virtual meetings. 

A welcoming space is one in which people feel both privacy and comfort, resulting in a stylish but casual atmosphere.  No one wants to feel micromanaged or on display, but an open office cubicle layout can free space up for increased employee interactions and therefore positive employee attitude. Instead of interrupting meetings, employees will now be able to smile or wave through the glass and decide from there where to take the next steps.  

Speaking of Next Steps, Cubicle World Can Help! 

Now is the best time for an investment in your office space. Make the decision of what you want and Cubicle World can take care of the rest. We provide free consultations, complimentary office layout design ideas, set-up, and installation – all to maximize your floor size and space available. We will be there every step of the way so that you can focus on building the culture and team you want. Our “How To” guide wraps up with a few simple reminders:  

1) Modernize your space for increased employee interactions and a positive work environment. 

2) 3 easy things to focus on to modernize your space include: glass cubicles, doors, and open floor layouts. 

3) Put it all together and let Cubicle World help you out!  

Your modern office design (and improved workplace culture) is just a click away! 

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