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July 2, 2019

Many workplace studies over the years have brought focus to the importance of keeping employees happy, healthy, productive, which in turn help to create a positive and productive business. With inexpensive cubicles, this goal can easily become a reality, and you don’t have to break your own budget to see it happen.

The truth is, it’s not just the startup or small family business that’s in need of a cubicle that’s low in cost but still delivers in quality. Even larger, more established corporations need a makeover in the office furniture department for various reasons, such as establishing a new department or looking to improve employee safety measures through ergonomically designed office furniture. In any case, the desire to save money is universal.

With our extensive supply chain, you have the ability to fully customize every aspect of your inexpensive cubicle, thanks to the thousands of choices in materials that we have access to and that we use to build your unique workstation in our very own fabrication center. As we source competitively priced options, you get the chance to enjoy a work solution that stays easily within your budget while also promoting collaboration as well as enhancing focus through the use of partitions and materials.

In order to ensure that you’re getting the most inexpensive cubicles, it doesn’t hurt to be familiar with some of the characteristics that directly affect their cost. Probably the biggest factors are material, size, and features. The material, in terms of its color, texture, and finish, is what carries the visual impact of your workstation. While appearances can be an important feature of cubicles, we can easily be swayed by them alone. That’s especially a concern when there’s a cost impact. Each material has a number of characteristics that have the potential to raise or lower its selling price, including color, texture, grade, finish, and dimensions.

The most attractive combinations of these characteristics in any one material are not always the best choice for a business seeking inexpensive cubicles. Think of solid wood as a cubicle material. Few can withstand the calming feeling that such an organic and natural material can impart to users. However, solid wood tends to be rather costly and unwieldy as well. Do you want to keep the “inexpensive” in inexpensive cubicles?

Then it may be a better bet to go with a material that can introduce the warm look of wood to the work environment but without the cost. Materials such as high-pressure laminates and wood veneer paneling are high-quality alternatives that are not only durable but also beautiful, lightweight, and versatile in the finish as well as color. These alternatives tend to have high resistance to dents and scratches, so you can expect these sturdy options to have a long lifecycle. In a case like this, an inexpensive cubicle doesn’t have to mean a low-quality cubicle.

Cubicle World provides many services that can guarantee savings on any cubicles that you choose to buy. With our aforementioned fabrication center located in northwest Houston, you can specify all features of your own inexpensive cubicle. These custom-built workstations come to you factory direct, where we cut out high the markup costs that are associated with retailers. Besides our fabrication facility, we are proud to own our very own fleet of trucks, which essentially cuts out the costly middle man. We can ship to you 100% free, anywhere in the lower 48 states. We don’t stop there, however. We also offer installation services for free, where we work with your building manager to

Features for storage and organization help to add another layer of customizability to your inexpensive cubicles. One way to lower costs is through the careful selection of these features and knowing when to find a less costly alternative. You may be familiar with the overhead storage of most cubicles, running along the upper portion of the partitions. These are attractive features which can hold books as well as irregular items, usually in closed cabinets.

Why not specify a single open shelf instead? It’s a simple feature that carries the spirit of the overhead bin without its cost. Glass, or maybe even plastic, inserts in an inexpensive cubicle are an attractive feature that can potentially save money. At the top of partitions, they can help admit daylighting or the existing ambient lighting in lieu of additional lamps or LEDs. These inserts can also help the user to maintain his or her privacy in a much softer and attractive way than opaque fabric partitions, for instance.

At Cubicle World, we are eager to hear from you and learn about your business. We offer free consultations where we can help guide you toward the perfect inexpensive cubicles for your office space. Our estimates are also free with no obligation to buy and you can expect all your shipping to be free of charge. Give us a call today to see how we can save you money!

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