Innovative Office Cubicles

August 6, 2019
If you want to establish great energy and a dynamic sense of forwarding motion, invest in innovative office cubicles. No business today is a one-person show. Most companies operate as tightly knit teams, with each employee wearing multiple hats and simultaneously supporting customers and fellow coworkers to get the job done. Traditional cubicles do not always fit the workflow needs of these millennial owned businesses. Younger executives and workers wants something more unique, dynamic, and truly organic in comparison.

Ergonomics is the top priority when building innovative office cubicles for these office environments. Workplace studies have proven time and again that uncomfortable work environments damage productivity. The once-popular perception that work is “work” and not meant to be “fun” has not only been challenged by rising tides of youth—it has been pretty much overturned by science. Experts have determined that uncomfortable seating, improperly sized desks, and poor lighting create severe health problems that increase absenteeism, decrease overall productions, and in some cases even lead to litigious actions.

Jerry is an expert on space utilization, having expert knowledge of how to use the vertical cube of a room to offset the actual amount of square footage on the floor. This knowledge allows him to build up more than out when designing innovating office cubicles. Small accessories, such as the document trays shown in the picture above, keep important hard copies above the work surface within easy reach of the worker. This allows each employee to access documents with a minimal amount of body movement.

While you may be tempted to dismiss something that at face value appears ridiculously simple, consider how uncomfortable you would feel if you had to bend over a filing drawer several times a day from a seated position at your desk. Also, consider how tiresome it would become if you had to roll your chair from one end of the desk to another while you dug through stacks of unorganized paper. How would your legs and arms feel after a day in the office? How fun would work be after 6 months of the same, and how motivated would you be a year after your start date?

Ergonomic accessories, then, are not just feel good add-ons. They have a pragmatic, functional purpose more than anything else because they maintain the most important thing in your office-your employees themselves.

Workers also do better in what has become known as the blended open office design. This type of layout combines the freedom of an open room with the privacy of a private office. The only way to create such a blend is to use innovative office cubicle designs that utilize things like soundproof cubicle panels, glass, and varying cubicle panel heights to create just enough enclosure to encourage employee focus, but never so much that people feed claustrophobic while sitting at their desks.

Cubicle World designers have a great deal of experience in this area, and our fabrication team has a vast supply chain that allows us to turn any innovative cubicle design into an affordable reality. Start with a free drawing of your office that will guide your investment in new office workstations. You won’t be disappointed, and you will find your employees coming to work with a whole new attitude that spells higher profits and long-term gains. Contact us today.

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