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June 28, 2019
Have you considered purchasing office cubicles for your business? Cubicle World has every kind of workstation you can imagine and that includes cubicles for any setting, regardless of the size of your company, the type of work you do, or how much you’re able to spend.

Many businesses can benefit from office cubicles, no matter what stage in their business that they’re at. If you’re just starting out in your company, then you’ll be needing to invest in the right workstations for your employees. If you’re firmly established, then there’s always the possibility that you’ll want to replace your old workstations for something more updated or stylish or just something that promotes positive health through ergonomically designed office furniture.

In any case, give us a call. We can offer you new office cubicles from a catalog and even custom-build them to your specifications in our fully operational factory. We can also repair and refurbish used furniture.

The design of office cubicles isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Today, you can enjoy more choice than ever before. Long gone are the bulky, unremarkable, high-walled cubicles from decades ago, the ones that made employees feel like they were more inside a prison than an office building. These days, after decades of studies that confirm the impact that the office environment has on its workers, manufacturers and designers have become more sensitive to the people’s individual needs.

With our expansive supply chain, we can custom-build any office cubicle that you desire and at a cost that works with your budget, no matter how tight. Is there photo you have of the perfect workstation for your office, or just a picture in your mind? We can build it for you! Keep in mind that the design of your particular cubicles can be an overwhelming decision. While we deliver office cubicles of any style, whether it’s traditional or more contemporary, it’s not just about looks. How your company is run and how your employees work will likely have a major impact on the design of your office cubicle, because it should.

Do some of your employees work in a team setting such as in a department or on a common project? Then opt for lower partitions between their office cubicles to promote meaningful collaboration and the exchange of ideas. If some employees work alone, then it may be best to provide higher partitions that help to drown out ambient noise and that promote concentration and focus.

To keep higher-walled partitions from feeling too isolating while still allowing for individual privacy, glass inserts running along the partitions are an attractive touch that also keeps from shutting out important light. Full-height windows can be a nice touch to give a more room-like quality to your office cubicles.

Do you or any of your employees regularly see clients? Including a U-shaped desktop can provide a good interface for visitors while doubling as work surface. Storage features of all kinds can be included in these office cubicles, including overhead storage bins, lateral filing systems, and wall-mounted trays for loose documents and binders. One of the corners of the U-shaped work surface can be used as a hub for one or more computer monitors with an under-surface keyboard tray that can extend when it’s needed.

With our free services, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t consider professional space planning for your office. Making office cubicles work in your space relies on the functionality of not just your personal workstation but also on a larger scale. This ensures a comfortable work environment where the accessibility of company resources, the ease of communication, and the balance of private and collaborative space make for the better operation of your business overall.

Jerry’s expertise in space planning goes back to when he first began designing high-density filing storage systems for offices in all types of industries. His ability to free up wasted space not only led to increased productivity in the office but the need for an expensive move to a larger office was no longer an issue. Decades later, this expertise has extended to office cubicles, as well as office furniture of all kinds.

Whether being more efficient your concern or you’d just like to spruce up the appearance of your office, a free consultation with one of our highly experienced professionals will ensure that you can get the most out of your space. We offer free CAD drawings after a full assessment of your office space and personnel, and whether we order or custom-build your office cubicles, we don’t start without your express approval of our design.

What is an office furniture company without turnkey office moving and installation services? We go out of our way to make sure that our clients get the most value for their purchases. With our own fleet of trucks, we cut out the middle man to minimize what you pay as we transport your office cubicles at no cost, and we never leave you out in the cold when it comes to getting your furnishings right when you need them or where.

As long as you live in the lower 48 states, we can go beyond our Houston city limits to anywhere that you are. We make sure to work closely with your office’s building manager to make sure that our moving and installation comes at the most appropriate time and with as little interruption to your employees’ busy work day as possible. In fact, leave all the work to us as we get your office up and running.

When you buy office cubicles from Cubicle World, you’re getting more than just workstations. You’re getting lasting value from one of the top furniture manufacturers out there. Give us a call for a free consultation to see how we can work at helping you bring the perfect office cubicles for your office space. With every order you place, your shipping is absolutely free! Contact Cubicle World today!

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