How Can You Use Large Office Cubicles?

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April 25, 2019

Whether we’re talking about small or large office cubicles, or new, custom-built, or refurbished cubicles, Cubicle World has all types of modular workstations that work for any business, including yours. This is because we know how different each individual works and how important it is to provide a cubicle design for his or her specific needs.

Cubicles come in many sizes, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Both small and large office cubicles have something to offer the right kind of person, or sometimes it’s tied up into your industry or the job itself. At one extreme, some people may need very little space to work. You may think of one cubicle in a sea of cubicles that typically make up large call centers. Each of the numerous employees have their own small, individual cubicle equipped with all they need to get through the day.

At the other extreme of size may be the open-plan office concept. While not a large office cubicle per se, this type of office can be seen as a single, all-inclusive workstation shared by all employees with no boundaries. This was a concept that was first met with a lot of optimism, but over time it came to be seen how distracting to individual workers it can actually be. Luckily, there is plenty of variation between these two extremes.

There are many benefits to having a large office cubicle. It’s important to keep a clean and organized space if you want to be able to work effectively and efficiently. While these qualities of work can be present in a small cubicle, if you find that you have insufficient space for your workload, a cluttered office can get out of hand quickly.

Having a large office cubicle with the adequate amount and types of storage features can make it much easier to get and keep your ducks in a row. Piles of books, catalogs, or manuals can be put in an overhead bin for easy perusing. Multiple cubby holes or a lateral file can be used however you need to organize client or project information, or just your own organizational habits.

A large office cubicle can also lend itself to greater employee morale. It’s easy to associate the size of our personal spaces at work with the size of our perceived significance in the company we work in. While executive-sized offices don’t need to be achieved for every single person, giving each employee breathing room to produce adequate work without physical discomfort—plus some room to personalize—can reaffirm his or her individual importance as part of the company.

There are many situations in which a large office cubicle is best used, and they fall within the categories of individual or multiple-employee settings. You’re familiar with the large private offices of executives or managers. One reason for the size is that it conveys a sense of distinction and importance, placing that individual in a higher position in the hierarchy of the company.

Another reason is the kind of workload required of a top-level employee, who may be in and out of meetings, corresponding with multiple people or organizations, managing other staff and overseeing their work, and helping to create or enforce company policies, among other things. Certain professionals may also enjoy large office cubicles for the same reasons an executive or manager would.

Professionals who do highly-specific skilled or creative work, such as engineers, accountants, web developers, graphic or interior designers, may need more space to support a varied workload. Reference materials, client projects, and the creative work they themselves produce might require an extra amount of storage space and work surface area whose focus is necessary to complete tasks.

In both cases, a large office cubicle might not seem like the ideal at first, but it would actually be a better alternative in some cases. If a business is subleasing an office space that lacks conventionally-constructed rooms for an executive office, it may not be feasible to build out one’s own, for time or money constraints, or per sublease terms.

A large office cubicle can be custom-built with all the space and features of a conventional office, and additionally, it can easily be moved, disassembled, and relocated for any reason. The visual and acoustical privacy that can be attained with this workstation is more than achievable, through materials and their features, wall heights, presence of a ceiling, and the inclusion of a sliding door.

A balance of the two can be stylishly struck. Think fabric for full privacy or glass inserts at the tops of partitions. With a large office cubicle, there’s the space to even include full-height glass panels in place of partitions, to give a more welcoming feel. A U-shaped desk is also possible for when you have a client or other visitor.

Large office cubicles don’t even have to cater to the individual office worker anymore. Instead, they can support the workflow of many people at once, on a continuous basis. In the case of an office with insufficient space, this could be a good solution that kills two birds with one stone. While ideally, each office worker would have their own unique workspace tailored to their unique work style, it might not be possible for everyone to have their own full-blown workstation.

Removing the partition between two workers and reducing a bit of personal space can create this new large office cubicle that can be shared. This may work best where two employees typically work in quiet so that they don’t distract each other while completing their work tasks.

Collaborative space is another good reason to invest in large office cubicles. Collaborative cubicles are workspaces that incorporate more than one user into its space to make up a functional unit that has the same shared objectives and often they share the same resources.

These collaborative cubicles are an interesting mix of open-concept office and private workspace that bring together the both of best worlds. This type of large office cubicle is perfect for when open-concept is too noisy, distracting, or anxiety-inducing, but when it’s still important to foster teambuilding and the sharing of ideas.

These collaboration-based large office cubicles can best serve offices where employees are organized based on a team project. With the common goal shared by the team and the need for constant communication among the various parts, any resources used in developing the project can easily be shared through the use of common storage features.

This goes for team member-produced work as well. An overhead storage bin can house manuals or reference materials that all or some team members can use. A lateral file can hold documents and forms pertaining to the project, or team member work.

Wall rails with trays can support binders that contain lists of team procedures, or lists of clients and important businesses. This large office cubicle can also act as an always-available meeting room where everyone can bring their ideas to the table without disrupting the surrounding staff.

Depending on the size of the large office cubicle, the table, in this case, can be literal. A small round table is a good choice that gives team members inclusivity. Departments are also a great application for collaborative cubicles. While they might not engage in as much creative collaboration as project team members do, large office cubicles are an effective way to zone by company function and consolidate resources.

At Cubicle World, we’re happy to provide you with the right workstations for all your needs and your employees’ needs. Our large office cubicles can satisfy your specific workstation requirements, whether it’s large private office spaces or collaborative cubicles. Because we own our own factory and fleet of trucks, your large office cubicles are sold directly to you without the requirement of a retail re-seller.

In this way, we can build custom workstations with even better components, still at a low cost for any company operating on a tight budget. Call now for a free consultation where we can help guide you to the perfect large office cubicle, and remember that with every order your place, you get your shipping free. Call Cubicle World today!

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