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October 7, 2018
How Much Do Cubicles Cost? Get The Lowest Price Guaranteed When You Buy Direct From The Manufacturer - Fast FREE Shipping

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To get the lowest office cubicle costs, begin with the maxim, “Form Follows Function.”

The original cubicle invented by Herman Miller was known at the Action Office II. The key word here is “action,” and it reminds us that the cubicle’s first mission was to support action, and not simply create a containing space for the worker to sit. When you remember that you are buying cubicles to support specific workflow dynamics, it becomes very easy to focus your choices on workstations designed to support specific tasks such as telephone sales, customer service, IT help desk, accounting, and bookkeeping, or creative design.

If you provide Jerry with a brief description of what each employee will be doing at his or her new cubicle, our design team will quickly draft a complimentary, no obligation space plan drawing that will guide your procurement from start to finish.

What does the space plan have to do with office cubicle costs?
It has a lot to do with cubicles costs. First and foremost, it provides us with a model of your office drawn to scale with your actual suite. Each cubicle’s dimension and form is clearly represented. The drawing also represents representations between cubicle clusters, giving you a “big picture’ of your overall workflow while also showing how each cubicle fits into that workflow.

Determine a budget range and share it with Jerry.
The best way to determine a budget range is to the calculate the maximum amount of money that you could spend if you absolutely had to. Then, reduce this total by 10% to give yourself a slight financial buffer. Working backward, then, estimate a reasonable amount of money that you would prefer to spend. The resulting range now constitutes your allowable budget, and it gives Jerry a target to shoot for when sourcing materials for your project.

Work with Jerry to choose the best materials for your cubicle panels and desks.
Office cubicle costs are directly relative to the cost of materials used in construction. The most expensive materials are wood veneers and certain high-grade laminates. The less expensive options are mid-grade laminates and fabrics. One way to really scale cubicle costs down without sacrificing aesthetics is to build cubicle panels out of a mixture of fabric and glass inserts. The presence of glass immediately upgrades the appearance of any workstation, and there are many affordable options in glass that will allow you to build panels with glass without running above your maximum budget.

Desks are typically made from laminate, so choosing a mid-grade laminate for the desk will also help keep cubicle prices well within budget tolerance.

Our vast supply chain allows Jerry to scale cubicle costs to a total that falls within this budget range.
In addition to working with over 500 office furniture and cubicle manufacturers worldwide, Jerry has built a vast supply chain that consists of multiple procurement channels that allow him to source the raw materials used to build workstations. In essence, this means that Jerry can either find or build the workstations you need at cubicle costs that fall precisely within the final budget range you agreed upon.

Why look anywhere else, when you can call Cubicle World and get the best cubicles—and the best office cubicle costs—found anywhere online.

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