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April 1, 2018

Low Wall Cubicle Benefits:

Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t like Cubicles?” That person has never read our blog, because if they had, no doubt they would have a different opinion.  Many people still believe that cubicles are confining, box like enclosures that hem you in on every side. Their minds are stuck in the 80’s, visualizing drab, off white panels with thumbtacks and sticky notes, and bosses that say, “That would be great.”  None of these people have ever worked in low wall cubicles that are specifically built to create a motivating space where workers enjoy doing their jobs, remaining at their stations, and manage themselves so that others do have to.

The greatest advantage that low wall cubicles offer is lighting.  Many have panels fitted with glass inserts, like the ones shown in the picture above.  When positioned near large windows, these panels let in natural light that keeps desk areas illuminated.  Many companies are using these now to help cut down their electric bills by reducing their need for artificial lighting.  Employees also feel more comfortable when they can see the room around them. While the lower, solid parts of the cubicle panels prevent people from seeing into each other’s work space, the glass tops allow everyone to see around the room and feel like they are sitting in an open space.  

This feeling of openness is the not the same as an open concept office layout.  Studies have shown that open concept creates too much of a blurring of personal boundaries.  Individual performance can drop in such an environment because people easily lose focus on task completion when they do not have a sense of their own personal space.  Low panel cubicles solve this problem by creating clearly defined work areas that encourage people to focus on what is in front of them without shutting out the rest of the world around them. This balance between enclosure and openness has been proven to increase production on the individual level while still maintaining a sense of solidarity between team members.

Find out what low panel cubicles can do for your office by calling Jerry today and asking for a free office layout drawing.  This drawing will map out your work areas and indicate how many workstations you will need to support your staff. Cubicle World manufactures low panel cubicles right here in our factory in Houston, and we sell direct to businesses all over the country and eliminate the middle man markup that retailers are forced to embed in their pricing.  We also deliver and install cubicles at no additional cost. Contact us today.

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