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August 29, 2018

Modern call center cubicles are small, compact and consist of the basic acoustical panels and compact work surfaces. Accessories such as storage compartments and filing cabinets are also common. Cubicle desks and panels are made from any number of materials. The counter or desk component of an office cubicle is typically constructed from laminate or wood. While some of the more popular veneers can get pricey, it’s easy to find and buy high-quality used and refurbished cubicles online. Although laminates and veneers can be used to make a cubicle panel, sound reducing or blocking elements embedded within the fabric work for modern call centers.

Design standard for call center workstations have been changing rapidly in keeping with new trends in technology. One of the biggest of these trends is a move toward cloud computing. This technology allows businesses to host their customer support software. Modern call center cubicles sizes do not have to be as big as they were in the past. No longer must a personal printer, a large desktop, and tons of technical equipment be used at every workstation at call centers. Instead, a terminal can be used instead of an actual personal computer, and networked wireless printers and print servers can be used by many in the office. The desk must only support a phone, a headset, a keyboard, and a compact monitor.

In such an environment, cubicle panels can be 42”, 53”, or 66” depending on the number of employees and their proximity to one another. Soundproofing is preferred for all workstation where people are talking on the phone. Cubicle World has several acoustical panel options we can offer your team, as well as a fabrication plant where we can custom build panels ourselves. We understand how important it is for workers to concentrate on their calls and for customers to hear only their representative speaking without background disturbance. We are committed to making these options affordable for our customers regardless of the size of their organization.

Modern call center cubicles are typically self-contained worlds that function as private offices. Because representatives are expected to remain seated at their stations throughout their shifts, it is important to minimize movement as well as the distraction. Everything the CSR needs should be at his or her fingertips. Cubicle World can easily add accessories such as shelves, hooks, and desktop organizers to any workstation we build. Storage and filing systems can be added so that any paperwork can be stored for easy retrieval without the CSR having to leave his or her station.

Cubicle World can order modern call center cubicles from any number of leading manufacturers, including Herman Miller, Friant, and Steelcase. We can also manufacture workstations in our own fabrication center and sell them directly to our customers. This often proves the best options for call centers who have only a limited budget. Being able to carefully choose materials, we can construct workstations at predicted pricing that fulfill the exact requirements of the organization. We also have our own trucks, deliver nationwide, and warranty all products we install. Call now, and get started with a free space plan drawing. Contact us today.

Modern Call Center Cubicles For Sale
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