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Contemporary Office Cubicles For Sale
April 5, 2016

Modern Office Cubicles For Sale

Enclosed offices versus cubicles? Which plan makes the most sense for your company? Will your managers accept working in cubicles, or do they want to have their individual offices, to mark their roles within your business? As you think of these and other considerations, the biggest factor you keep coming back to is. . . space. Or the lack thereof.

Modern Office Cubicles Hold More Employees

You just can’t get around the immovable fact that you’re able to put more people into the four walls of your company. This includes the managers you’re worried about. As you compare the space requirements, you realize that your managers are going to have to move their desks and papers into their own cubicles.

When you talk to workers and management, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that most of your staff won’t mind the conversion. Call our furniture experts at Cubicle World before making your final decision. You’ll need to know how office furniture specialists measure before a company converts to cubicles.

Enclosed Office vs. Cubicle

Look at how much space even one small enclosed office takes up. If you remove every enclosed office, you’re going to add even more space, which allows you to install enough cubicles for everyone you employ.

Your managers won’t have to deal with open cubicles and low cubicle walls. If you want them to have cubicle spaces that are separated, you’ll be able to order cubicles with walls six feet high. These cubicles come equipped with doors as well, which allows each manager to increase privacy when consulting with employees or when they are working on highly confidential documents.

As you look at the various configurations, you may notice that cubicle walls are constructed of tiles covered with fiber or glass tiles. The fiber-covered tiles help to deaden excess noise. Glass tiles add an additional level of privacy, especially if the glass is glazed.

Create Office Teams with Cubicles

As your office is configured now, your HR team members have to move from their office to the office of someone on their team, if they want to discuss a work issue. Or they have to rely on emails.

Your graphic and web designers have to meet with each other in someone’s office when they’re working together on projects. More than once, you’ve thought, “It would sure be nice if they could all work together without having to get up and move from office to office.” With “pods” of cubicles, this is possible.

Customize Cubicles for Your Teams

Your clerical employees don’t need to worry too much about privacy, unless they are assigned to work on confidential paperwork. Cubicles with low walls will suffice for them. They’ll be able to confer when they have questions.

On the other hand, you have some teams with some specific requirements for additional quiet or privacy. As you think about this issue, make sure you ask our experts if they’ll be able to suggest cubicles that meet these needs. Chances are, they will. Cubicles with high walls, doors and fabric-covered tiles will make their work lives easier. Ready to shop? Browse our cubicles so you learn more about what you need. Then, contact us today.

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