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January 11, 2017

Isn’t it fun to get something new in your office? No matter the time of year, when it’s time for new furniture or office cubicles, it feels like Christmas. You’re getting rid of old cubicles and getting shiny, new cubicles that have features your current cubicles don’t have. Remember, as you are looking for modern, new cubicles, you need to choose only the features you need, not those that are “nice, but not necessary.”

Comfort is First Priority

Let’s face it. If we are uncomfortable in our working space, it’s hard to focus on the job at hand. If you’re always stretching for something, or if you feel cramped, your cubicle is the wrong size for you. A cubicle that’s too small or too big eventually leads to muscle aches. When you’re hurting, it’s hard to focus on a spreadsheet full of data.

That’s why “comfort” is the first tip. Your office cubicles must be comfortable enough for everyone to get their work done efficiently and correctly. This way, they will indirectly pay themselves off over time.

Think of Your Budget

Your second tip is “budget.” In a way, this is another view at size. If you buy cubicles that are jam-packed with all the cool, new bells and whistles, they’re too big for your budget. Sure, it’s nice to have extra storage aside from the filing cabinet, but if you don’t use it, you essentially wasted your company’s money.

Keeping this in mind, look at cubicles in your price range. If you wish, look at those that cost more and see what contributes to the higher price. Then, swing back and look more closely at the new cubicles that fit your budget. Chances are, the items in the more-expensive cubicles were snazzy, but not necessary.

Remember the Features You Need

This leads us to our third tip: Choosing the features you must have. In the auto industry, these are the deal breakers or “make or break” items.

Data ports? With today’s technology, you may need them. Recessed lighting under the overhead storage bin? This may be a must if you don’t have optimal lighting in your office. Continue looking at the different features and think hard about each one. If it won’t make everyone’s workday easier, it’s not needed.

Don’t Forget “Good Fit”

The fourth tip touches on how every new office cubicle fits in your office space. Here, you may need the services and direction of an office design expert. This person can help you to decide just what size cubicle each person and department needs and how many you need to order. Call us at Cubicle World and our design expert can begin working with you.

Choose Tile Colors to Coordinate with Your Branding

Aesthetics is our fifth tip. You spent good money on developing a good brand with colors that made it easy for customers to identify your company, services or products.

Ordering partition tiles that complement, match or coordinate well with your branding color scheme allows visitors to remember your brand identity. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and use these tips! Contact us today.

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