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February 22, 2019

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It’s not always easy to find an office space that’s automatically suited to the needs of your business, but with modern room dividers you can be sure to create space that works for you and your employees. At Cubicle World, we specialize in office furniture of all kinds, and that includes room dividers for a variety of uses and for a number of tastes. With today’s modern room dividers, you’ll get the advantages of elegant design, ease of use, and a high degree of responsiveness while making more efficient use of your office space design. Whether you’re a startup in a cutting-edge industry looking to imbue your space with a sense of dynamic, or you’re just wanting to simplify and declutter your operations with more efficient use of space, look to Cubicle World

Once considered modern room dividers decades ago, you may be familiar with those track-mounted dividers consisting of narrow accordion-style panels that traverse a room from end to end, therefore imitating a conventional wall. These accordion dividers have often been seen in office buildings and schools as far back as the 1980s. Unfortunately, partly due to the track system that needs to be installed for operation, these can be costly, burdensome, and clumsy. Not to mention, they also look outdated and unattractive.

As a much-needed update to this relic of the past, our largest-scale folding modern room divider can span large amounts of space to close off entire sections of your office if need be. The broad paneling and clean lines offer a sleek look that’s lacking with the old models. This wall-mounted fixture is perfect for when your office has a space that’s dedicated to a specific use, such as a meeting area or presentation area, break room or lounge, or even an entire department unto itself. It may even be a way to wall off back-of-house operations from customer or visitor space, as in the case of a warehouse. This modern room divider can reach up to 12’3” but needs no ceiling-mounted track to operate, allowing air-conditioning to easily circulate between both divided spaces at the top. Width-wise, it can divide up to 19’2”, even up to 36’4” if two are mounted opposite from each other. Despite how massive this divider is, you can count on ease of movement with the low-profile, non-marking casters and the vertical hinges that allow it to operate across uneven flooring.

Very much like a wall in its sound control, this large-scale modern room divider is available in high-performance acoustical fabric, a two-inch-thick 100% polyester panel system consisting of a sound-absorbing honeycomb core sandwiched with two outer fiberglass layers. This acoustical fabric can also accept push pins so presentation or simply personal materials can be tacked onto the surface. It’s also available in a wide range of hues that can possibly coordinate with the design of your office. Optional polycarbonate windows at the top of the panels can allow more light into the space if needed. We also carry a sliding version of this modern room divider, which has a maximum height of 12’3” and a maximum possible width of 15’7”.

One of our more popular modern room dividers is the 360-degree portable folding room divider, useful for so many purposes. Its popularity comes mainly from the intelligently designed system of patented 360-degree hinges which give each panel in this partition a full range of motion, leading to its ability to be configures into various shapes. A straight line or shallow curve could act as an impromptu presentation space. A divider shaped as a “C” could accommodate a small interview or water cooler area. An “L” shape can designate an open, informal meeting, break, or study spot. A modern room divider in an “S” shape can help to divide and be a boundary for irregularly laid-out workspace areas. This 360-hinge system has made way for a level of responsiveness to surroundings that simply hasn’t been available with dividers of the past. Along with this, the no-pinch seams, collapsible nature, low-profile dual-wheel locking casters, patented full-height end panels for stability have made this modern room divider a breeze to manipulate and store while keeping the convenience and safety of users in mind.

If your business operates in an office that has no much-needed meeting room of any kind, then using multiple folding 360-degree modern room dividers can be perfect for creating a closed space that can adjust to meetings of various sizes, whether it’s a company-wide conference, a smaller project-based team meeting, or even a more intimate client meeting or job interview space. Depending on how important acoustical privacy for this space is, you can choose from our acoustical fabric or our polycarbonate. We have over 20 colors of fabric to choose from, so one is bound to suit the style and spirit of your office. Maybe you want a neutral modern room divider that recedes into the background to keep focus on work, or maybe you’d like a pop of color or two that represents the design palette of your company logo. Our ultra-modern, high-strength, polycarbonate is able to withstand extreme temperatures, resist impact, and clean up easily, making this a great modern room divider between a messy break room and the rest of your company workspace. It can also do well as a divider separating a medical waiting area from exam rooms, or as a daycare center in an office building. Offered in clear, black, and a variety of bold colors and opacity levels, it can also add a sense of beauty and style to a client meeting room when it catches the surrounding light.

If you’d like to take style and personalization of your modern room divider to the next level, this model’s paneling can also act as your very own canvas for custom-printable artwork. You can include original artwork or your own logo to spruce up a customer waiting area. If you’re in a creative field, why not use these panels as artistic inspiration to team members? Units of these modern room dividers can even be hooked up in series to produce a continuous mural of art that speaks to who you are as a company, whether it’s to clients or to employees.

As great as the modern room dividers we offer above are, they are by no means the only ones we have available. We also carry smaller-scale multi-panel and single-panel dividers as well as configurable cubicle partitions and workstation screens in a variety of colors, materials, and build. Give us a call, not just to see what we have in stock but for a free consultation to see how we can help you dress up your space. No matter how you plan to use modern room dividers in your office, you can always count on Cubicle World to set you up with ones that work for you. When you place an order with us, you can always count on 100% free shipping as well. Contact Cubicle World today!

Modern Room Dividers – Free Quote 713-412-3090

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