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Modular Office Cubicles For Sale In Pasadena Texas.
November 14, 2016

Modular furniture (or cubicles) are used much more today than they used to be, as far back as the 1960s. As companies strive to cut costs, they may eliminate individual or private offices, opting instead to house employees in their own cubicles. For companies that operate in at least two shifts, cubicles can help them to cut back on the amount of real estate they need for staffers on different shifts.

The Price is Right

Building individual offices or finding an office suite with the number of individual offices you need is difficult, not to mention expensive. What do you do when you downsize, letting employees go? No matter what, you pay rent for those empty offices.

By choosing modular furniture, you can cut the cost of “adding office space” considerably when you are expanding your workforce. Try to do that by building or demolishing individual offices as you downsize or expand! It won’t happen. By ordering the cubicles you need, you’re saving a large amount of money – which can be used on other necessities.

You Get Adaptability

When the economy goes into a downturn, you lay workers off. When the economy is healthy, you hire new workers. This cycle goes on every year, with expansions and contractions of the workforce.

As you release workers or hire, you’ll be able to modify the number of “office spaces” you have when you call a modular office installer to take cubicles down and put them in storage or when you have them reassemble the cubicles for workers you’re hiring. Even better, as you tweak how various company departments work, you can have your existing cubicles rearranged so department employees can work collaboratively – or individually, as needed.

Customize Cubicles to Jobs

Look at what the different departments do as they work. Do employees spend a lot of time working with each other, discussing projects, spreadsheets or designs? Or do some of your employees find that they get much more work done if they can work alone?

 Would you be able to enable collaboration if your workers were in individual offices? No – they would have to move from one office to the other so they can work together and share the responsibility. By installing modular offices, you and the installers can place people from different departments together, making working together much easier. And, for those workers who need to work alone, you can accommodate them as well.

Increase Employee and Management Accessibility

Employees need to be able to reach out to their supervisors at the same time that a problem or question develops. In the old days, these employees would call their supervisors on the phone, but if this wasn’t possible, one or the other had to walk to an office to discuss the issue.

Managers and supervisors need to be able to see that their workers are focused on their work. This isn’t as easy to do when workers are housed in their own offices.

With modular furniture, supervisors and employees can find each other to get questions answered or to see that the employee is working on their assigned work. Call us and let’s discuss your needs. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World when you’re ready to make the switch. Contact us today.

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