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Modular Office Cubicles For Sale In Pasadena Texas.
November 1, 2016

Buying modular office furniture can be daunting for anyone.

Budget, space, layout, used versus new, delivery and installation, worker function, numbers of cubicles, choosing cubicles that help your office look good, comfort and ergonomics… it’s enough sometimes to have you ready to throw all those spreadsheets against the wall!

Don’t. Instead, read these 9 tips for buying modular office cubicles and shop smarter.

Know the Cubicle Size

While this may seem like a nitpicking question, it does fit in with two other considerations: Office space and quantity of cubicles to buy. Cubicles made for different job functions will be of different sizes.

For instance, call center cubicles are around five feet by five feet. Cubicles occupied by administrative assistants, managers, and IT employees may be much bigger – eight feet by ten feet.

Knowing Your Space

Here is where knowing the square footage of your office impacts the cubicle size question. You’re not going to be packing cubicles in, willy-nilly. Instead, you and an office consultant will be creating a template of your office so you can both figure out how many of each kind of cubicle you’ll be buying. Of course, that number will match up with how many employees you have.

Buying Used can Limit Selection

When businesses sell their used cubicles to office furniture stores, those stores quickly refurbish the cubicles. Just as soon as they come in, those cubicles are selected by one or more companies. This means you need to know just what you need and decide quickly if you are buying used.

Determine Job Functions and Employee Numbers

Know, right down to the person, how many cubicles you’ll be buying. Along with this task, determine just what each employee does in their job. From bookkeeping and accounting to web design, data entry, making/receiving phone calls and management, each job role requires that your employees handle specific tasks. For this, they need sufficient, but not too much space in their cubicles.

Will New Cubicles be Delivered and Installed?

Yes, they will. Delivery and installation will be provided as an additional service, which may also require additional money. Of course, you can hire freelance companies to move and install your new workstations.

Ensure Worker Productivity

Now that you have an idea of what each worker does in their job, you’re ready to choose the right cubicles for them. They will have the room they need. They will also have desk surfaces at the right height for them. If your employees like to switch between standing and sitting, this may be an option.

Employee Need and the Right Look

Cubicle styles aren’t always the same. You’ll need to choose colors that coordinate with your brand. Think about more than your brand, though. If you choose complementary colors they need to support your brand.

Remember Both Ergonomics and Comfort

You and your employees sit for long stretches in your cubicles. You want to be comfortable all day long, so your cubicles should be comfortable. Are you (or your workers) left-handed? This is a vital question, so don’t neglect it.

Don’t Forget Other Necessities

It’s not only the cubicles you’ll be buying. You’ll also need dividers, cubicle walls, panels, and hardware. You may also be replacing desks, office chairs, filing cabinets and floor mats. Call us at Cubicle World to start your search. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World when it’s time to buy.

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