New Office? – Use Modular Walls Instead Of Dry Wall

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September 14, 2018

The choice to go with modular walls is not about cost. It is about scale ability. Drywall creates fixed structures which, once in place, remain in place until they are torn down. Modular walls are portable. They can be moved at will, allowing you to reconfigure your workflow as your company grows within your existing office suite. When your company eventually relocates, these walls travel with you to create new offices and conference areas in your new building.

Modular panels are made from a variety of materials. Panels like the ones shown above often contain glass so that light from the surrounding office and nearby windows can illuminate the interior. If you look closely at the picture, you will notice that this office was built with fabric covered panels. Often such panels contain a soundproofing core made from a material like cork that dampens surrounding noise. Many companies who begin with an open concept layout later decide to add modular offices like these when productivity starts to drop as a result of constant distraction. Companies that are just starting out can begin with a modified open concept that incorporates private offices like this one into collaborative areas.

Modular walls are also easy to transport and assemble. Individual panels are usually light enough for one person to carry, and many are also small enough to fit onto panels. Generally, panel edges feature some sort of interlocking mechanism that allows entire walls to be constructed from individual sections. A private office like this takes only a few hours for two workers to completely assemble. Modular walls are powered with internal wiring and electrical outlets to support phones and computing devices within the enclosure.

In the last decade, modular walls have continued to evolve into new forms that have taken them beyond the traditional office. New lines of modular walls are now being used by event planners in a variety of new environments. Trade shows now use modular panels to create barrier walls to direct the flow of traffic. Art shows, fundraiser, and political rallies also build modular walls to create individual spaces for presentations, displays, and various kinds of meetings.

Cubicle World represents several leading manufacturers of modular walls and draws upon decades of experience in space plan design. Whether you are opening a new business in an office center or planning an event at your local civic center arena, Cubicle World can help you create an environment customized to your initiatives and purpose. Start today by getting a complimentary space plan design, and work with an account manager who can help you choose the right materials and colors for your modular walls. Call or email us now.

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