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New Call Center Cubicles On Sale Now In Houston, Texas
February 23, 2017

Call center cubicles are the smallest of the cubicles you would need to buy. Because call center employees’ duties are mainly to make and receive phone calls, they won’t need desktop space for more than a computer and phone. They may need a two-drawer filing cabinet to the side of where they sit. Still, even though their space needs are the simplest of all your employees, you still need to take several factors into consideration.

Know What Call Center Staff Need

Who are your call center employees? Are they young, older, single, married, parents? Will they share cubicles? That is, will different shift workers use the same cubicles that were used by the previous shift? You may want to include a drawer for messenger bags and purses. A shelf can hold cellphones and small photos.

Will they only make and receive phone calls? Or will they also engage in data entry work? Will some of their work require that they save any resulting paperwork as documentation? If so, these workers need some filing storage.

Develop a Set Budget

Call center cubicles, being the smallest per square foot, are also the least expensive. You’re going to want to save money on the new cubicles you buy, so call one of our furniture experts here at Cubicle World. They can help you to find the prices of every call center cubicle in stock.

Lower-end call center cubicles will cost less than higher-end cubicles. While these specific cubicles don’t have as many features, you’ll still want to ask about what features are included, such as electrical and data connections. Don’t forget to ask about storage options for generated paperwork and purses, backpacks or messenger bags as well.

Plan Floor Space and Cubicle Purchases

Have an office planning expert create a PDF of your office with cubicle templates drawn in. This will help the furniture expert to figure out how many cubicles you can easily fit into your office space. Since you’re focusing on call center cubicles, your floor plan should focus only on that area.

Include the electrical outlets and feeds in your plan so our expert can more easily envision where cubicles and power cords are going to be placed. Have extra copies of this floor plan for your electrician and data provider/installer.

Add in Needed Storage Space per Cubicle

Call center employees will come to work with purses, backpacks or even messenger bags. For the sake of security, you should provide a locking drawer in each call center cubicle so they can safely store these items, knowing they will be there at the ends of their shifts.

Include storage for filing documents that each call center worker may generate and have to save for future work. Even if you don’t currently require this step, it may happen in the foreseeable future. It won’t be necessary to install two-drawer filing cabinets in each cubicle until that form of storage is necessary. If you have sufficient storage space on your premises, store the filing cabinets there until they are needed and installed. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World as you buy call center cubicles.

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