New Office Cubicles – Variety at Discount Pricing Direct From The Manufacturer Assures Lowest Price

Discount New Office Cubicles For Sale Factory Direct Pricing Means Lowest Price Guaranteed!
August 29, 2018
Wholesale New Office Cubicles For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Guarantees Lowest Price

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New office cubicles have many customization options and features. These vary from size, color, accessories, bins that can be added, office chairs and desks, dual monitor carrying arms for computers, and many options for the receptionist center of your business.

Cubicles used to come only in certain colored fabrics– usually drab colors over laminated wood board These materials often made employees feel confined and inhibited. New cubicles have completely reversed this. Today, cubicle panels are made from a diversity of cloths, glass, real wood, particle board, and laminates whose colors, textures, and geometry fit with any style of interior design.

Cubicle desks are made from either laminate or wood veneer. Today, there are so many options in both that we can scale practically any style or size of cubicle to customer budget simply by choosing the most affordable materials for the project. Cubicle World has its own fabrication plant, and we source materials from thousands of vendors all over the world. This allows us to build desking systems customized to specific job functions and workflow requirements—while keeping costs well within budget tolerance for our customers.

Our new cubicles also come in a wide range of sizes. Panels range from 41″ high, 53″ high, 66″ high, and come in various shapes as well. Workstation interiors typically measure 2′ by 4′, 5′ by 5′, 6′ by 6′, 8′ by 6′ and 8′ by 8′. Workstation interiors can be customized with a variety of accessories such as locking or non-locking file cabinets, extra seats for short meetings, tack boards, and shelving systems attached to interior panel surfaces. Overhead bins can be added that can lock as well to store documents and items, as well as wardrobe closets and other storage bins.

Glass inserts have also become very popular new office cubicle panels. Inserts are available for almost any section of the panel, so we can build “windows” at the top, middle or bottom of any panel. Glass inserts serve two purposes. They allow additional lighting to flood the workstation interior, enlarging the worker’s sense of personal space. They also allow managers to better monitor employee activities without having to stand over their workers to do so.

Because we frequently build workstations for call center, many of our new cubicles feature advanced soundproofing. By using a panel built with fabric around a central core, sound can be almost completely dampened, and privacy between your company’s calls can be easily achieved. This makes every customer feel like they are your only customer because they cannot hear people talking in the background.

Cubicle World owns its own fabrication plant and delivers nationwide throughout the lower 48 states. We also act as a retail distributor for other major manufacturers. If you have seen a line of new cubicles like look appealing to you, please give us a call to get a free quote and complimentary space plan drawing for your office. Cubicle World will make it happen, and Cubicle World will make it work.

Affordable New Office Cubicles
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