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September 3, 2019

New office cubicles can create a whole new start for your team. Many people purchase new cubicles when the move to a new office, while others upgrade to make better use of existing floor space. Cubicle World can help you with either scenario. Our space planners will meet with you to get a clear understanding of your company and your operations. Once we understand how each member of your team helps your organization make money, we can design a workflow drawing that will show us exactly how many cubicles are needed to increase efficiency, ergonomics, and space utilization.

Many people mistakenly think that when they buy new office cubicles, they must replace every piece of existing furniture they are liquidating. This is simply not the case. To begin with, a cubicle makes much better use of floor space than a standard desk. It is possible to create more actual desk space in a smaller area using only a single cubicle. For example, and 8×8 cubicle provides a worker with just as much desk and storage space than a 36” by 72” desk and a 22” x 72” hutch. Consider how many of your office workers you could effectively provide workstations for without replacing every piece of furniture in the office or consuming nearly as much floor space as standard office furniture requires.

If you are moving into a new office and considering building a series of offices out of drywall, please consider a cost comparison with office cubicles first. Drywall office construction will consume some of your square footage simply due to the thickness of the walls. You will also lose a certain amount of space by constructing hallways between offices that are too narrow to hold workstations. By contrast, new office cubicles can create as much privacy as needed without consuming nearly as much square footage. Cubicle partitions are very narrow compared to drywall, and they can be arranged in groups or clusters that make even a small space a comfortable work environment for several emp

Consider as well just how much square footage is available even in a small office cubicle. A 6’x8’ cubicle offers a total of 48 square feet. Using an l-shaped or u-shaped desk can give an employee all the room he or she needs to work at a computer and have desk space to either side. Cubicle World uses partition walls to create spaces in which to store documents and personal items. Don’t forget that the vertical cube created within a cubicle can be just as useful for storage and filing as desk space.

With so many offices now going paperless, you really do not need that much filing space for paperwork. A few trays and cubbies can keep any important hardcopies neatly organized without requiring a massive desk (which usually ends up with piles of clutter, anyway.) If an employee does need a filing system, we can create that with one or two drawers toward the ends of the cubicle desk. There will be plenty of legroom for the employee, but documents will also be within quick reach whenever they need to be retrieved.

The key is to build the workstation so that the employee’s actual job is supported in every respect. Whatever computer he or she is using should be centered on a desk that is situated at the optimal ergonomic height. Partitions should be high enough to generate privacy at the desired level. In cases where meetings and collaboration are common, partitions can be modified, or desk areas can be extended…so that employees can quickly meet with one another when necessary but also have their own private spaces at the same time.

Call Cubicle World now to see how affordable—and ultimately profitable—new office cubicles can be.

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