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December 1, 2015

Because you’re not paying for new office furniture that’s never been used before, you’re paying a higher price. If that higher price is beyond your company’s furnishings budget, you have two options available to you:

  • Buy remanufactured furniture
  • Keep your existing furniture

If your existing furniture is about ready for the recycling process, give that remanufactured furniture a closer look. You’ll be happy to learn that “old, used” furniture really doesn’t look or operate that way.

Where a new office desk can set your company’s budget back by about $10,000, a re-manufactured desk of the same model will cost your company about $1,200. Look at the difference!

Office chairs have to be comfortable, have ergonomic features and they have to be affordable. Look at those re-manufactured office chairs. With new upholstery, they look and feel like new. Instead of paying nearly $1,000 for one, you’ll pay a little more than $300.

Buy re-manufactured filing cabinets as well. If you need several, you’re going to save quite a bit of money. A 2-drawer lateral filing cabinet can cost you as little as $100.

What You’ll be Able to Find

If you’re furnishing every office or cubicle in your company, you’ll probably need desks, chairs, filing cabinets, a conference table and some credenzas. When you call or visit Cubicle World, you’ll be able to learn about, see and discuss every category of office furniture you need to buy.

Our furniture experts will be able to show you the differences between new and re-manufactured office furniture. In appearance and performance, you’ll see very few differences. When it comes to pricing, the differences, in some cases, may be stark. If you’re still in doubt that re-manufactured office furniture can meet your needs, bring your questions to one of our furnishings experts.

Learn About the Build Quality of Re-Manufactured Office Furniture

All used office furniture that has been diverted from the landfills is “recycled office furniture.” Before a repair specialist has gone over every inch of this furniture, it may have cracks, dings and chips. Drawers may not fit flush. Levers may not work correctly.

“Refurbished” furniture has been touched up or given cosmetic improvements, but not much else. Once these improvements have been made, it is made available for sale.

“Reused” furniture is “as-is” furniture. No improvements or repairs have been made before it is available for sale.

“Re-manufacturedfurniture, on the other hand, has been completely taken apart, cleaned and inspected. Parts are replaced or repaired, then the furniture is reassembled. The repair person refinishes the wood or reupholsters the chair, making it look new again. This is the furniture you’re thinking of buying. Once the defects have been corrected, it functions like new. Browse our conference tables once you’re ready to order re-manufactured office furniture. Contact us today.

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