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December 11, 2018
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The word “nice” is a rather ambiguous and abstract term that can mean many things, depending on context and tone. If your profession involves working in technical support or customer service, “nice,” as in “nice office cubicles,” has a specific and refreshing implication. Office employees who work in call centers are often sitting in cubicles for eight hours a day with usually just the bare requisite amount of time devoted to work breaks. They sit in front of a computer, on the telephone with one customer after another. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Even in a larger call center, it’s not very likely that the average employee gets an expansive work-space. In fact, a call center cubicle is often not even the room-like fixture some might imagine, with only a work surface measuring as little as two by four feet at times. While this does cost less than a more traditional cubicle, this doesn’t often conjure the image of a nice office cubicle. This type of cubicle—small and with very little depth to accommodate your own body—can pose as a risk to safety, such as when you might lean back in your chair and into common aisles as someone walks by. Another common call center cubicle size that would afford more space and even more privacy is 4’ x 4’. This allows for the typical space for a computer, a monitor, and a telephone, along with space to house your person as you work.

Office cubicles are known to be highly configurable to respond to the needs of the various businesses that use them. Along with a positive office work culture and amiable co-workers, happy customer service agents need a nice office cubicle that allows them to perform their daily tasks comfortably while dealing with the stress of resolving the problems of a diverse and often fickle customer base. As today’s call center employees must be dynamic problem-solvers, their workstations should reflect this as well. One of the more important considerations when choosing a nice office cubicle is the ability for an employee to enjoy privacy from their environmental surroundings without feeling imprisoned. In other words, focused but not confining. Glass panels are often a great touch to any office cubicle. They can be used for aesthetic reasons at times, but in the case of a call center cubicle, they can be added at the top of partitions, especially when frosted for translucency. This allows partial visibility to eliminate the sense of being trapped while also blurring visibility just enough for coworkers not to look over each other’s shoulders.

Nice office cubicles should try to prevent as much environmental noise as possible. When employees are on the phone with their customers, it’s important to keep communication free of distractions and misunderstandings. It doesn’t help that there are many other coworkers around your workstation and so many potential conversations that can compete in volume with your own. Selecting cubicle partitions that are fabric or some other type of soft material helps with absorbing ambient sounds that carry from other cubicles, ensuring proper communication between representative and client.

It’s also important for nice office cubicles to be efficient and objective as well. They should be able to adequately support all the equipment and technology that in turn supports the employees who work in call centers. The work surface should be large enough to accommodate a telephone, and monitor, and a computer. If possible, there should also be enough space for the employee to write notes. There may be the case that a customer service representative has to handle hard copy documents, such as work orders. In a situation like this, any paperwork that’s extra can be stored in such features as built-in filing cabinets and overhead bins. This way, a worker can keep their desks uncluttered and keep the documents in order.

Cubicle World has designed call center workflow solutions in cities throughout the continental United States. Our team of design experts specializes in creating ergonomically sound workstations for CSR’s that balance the need for floor space conservation with a positive workspace that cultivates the upbeat, helpful attitude that characterizes the superior customer experience.  Call us now, and started on a winning game plan for your customer service team.

Nice Office Cubicles – Free Quote 713-412-3090

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