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July 11, 2017

Office chair gas lift repair is affordable and simple when you call Cubicle World.

While there are many chairs on the market that feature a simple, ergonomic design, office chair gas lift repair is never as simple, as easy, or as inexpensive as those do-it-yourself videos claim. The greatest danger in trying to repair a gas cylinder yourself is breaking other components in the base of the chair. What you think is the gas cylinder is typically not the cylinder itself. Instead, it is a column that houses the cylinder, and you have to know how to properly disassemble. You also need a workbench and the right tools—things most companies do not have in the office.

Don’t try office gas chair lift repair with a rubber mallet and socket wrench.

True, a rubber mallet is a useful tool in the hands of an experienced office furniture technician. However, the average business owner, account executive, office manager, or sales agent has probably never used one. Understand that first-time usage of any new tool normally results in something being broken. Additionally, if you use an improperly sized wrench to disassemble the hydraulic assembly, it will probably scratch the cylinder column and mar the chair’s aesthetic.

Don’t even consider using a piece of pipe to fix your gas cylinder.

Well intentioned people make all kinds of videos in an attempt to help others. However, many neglect to consider the consequences of the help they offer.

You may have seen a video where an individual uses a piece of pipe to keep a chair from sinking when the user sits down. While this will keep the chair seat from dropping to the floor when you sit, it also prevents you from adjusting the seat height. Over time, you can develop back and leg pains if your seat is set to the wrong height.

It also speaks poorly of your organization if a client or investor notices you sitting on a piece of PVC that only cost you a dollar at the hardware store.

Trust Cubicle World’s professional office chair gas lift repair.

Cubicle World owns our own factory and our own fleet of trucks. We can pick your chairs up, replace them with temporary loaners, and deliver them back to you in top working condition. Sometimes we offer free pickup and delivery, depending on the location of your office.

Don’t sit in that broken chair for another minute. Call Cubicle World now, and get it fixed the first time, on time, by trained, experienced professionals you can count on and trust.

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