FAQ-Office Chair Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Office Chair Cylinder Repair
July 6, 2017

How do we know if we need office chair hydraulic cylinder repair?

You know that your hydraulic cylinder on your office chair is failing when your chair starts to slowly sink to the ground after you have sat for a few hours. On the day that the seat drops several inches toward the floor and jolts your back, you’re hydraulic cylinder is gone.

What is less expensive? Office chair hydraulic cylinder repair or office chair replacement.

In almost every case, repair is less expensive. You’ll see this as we take a closer look at what a hydraulic cylinder is. In the case of your chair, the term “hydraulic” is used only as a synonym for the less familiar term, “pneumatic.” True hydraulic systems use fluid to pressurize cylinders. The cylinders in office chairs, however, are pressurized by compressed air.

So what is involved in repairing the cylinder, and why is that more affordable than just replacing the chair?

To be honest, actual repair of the cylinder would be too labor intensive to save money. Replacing the cylinder is a much surer and more affordable course of action. The cost of a new cylinder and column, however, are far less expensive than the cost of a replacement chair.

If professionals handle your office chair hydraulic cylinder replacement, you pay far less for the parts than you do online. You are paying mostly for the labor involved in getting your chair back to a sound, reliable, working condition.

Why can’t I save money and do my own office chair hydraulic cylinder replacement?

You can, but you won’t be able to adjust the seat height afterward. There are some videos circulating around the Internet that show you how to repair office chair hydraulic cylinders using simple tools like rubber mallets, Allen wrenches, pipe wrenches, and small sections of PVC pipe.

Of course, you have to buy these materials yourself and then hope that the wrench you select doesn’t scar the cylinder column with visible scratches. You also have to wear safety glasses just in case the retainer clip that holds the cylinder column in place decides to fly toward your face when you “lightly tap it with the screwdriver and rubber mallet.”

Even if you avoid damaging the chair or hurting yourself, you may not be able to cover the 1 ¼ inch pipe insert, and the aesthetic value of the chair will be ruined.

How long will it take you to complete office chair hydraulic cylinder repair?

Once we have the parts, it normally takes less than an hour to complete the actual repair. We own our own fleet of trucks, and we handle all pickup and deliver so you can continue to work while we work. Contact us today.

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