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July 10, 2017

Cubicle World has something that few office furniture companies have―a fully operational office chair repair center.

Cubicle World's Office Chair Repair Center FREE Quote

Cubicle World’s Office Chair Repair Center – Free Quote 713-412-3090

Located within our 20,000 square foot factory, this repair shop represents a far better alternative to big box stores that are always advertising discounts on office chairs that they claim add ergonomic value to the work space. These big box ads make it sounds as though replacement is always a cheaper option than repair because they want to lure professionals into purchasing chairs that offer only limited ergonomic support.

Before you go running off to the next “big sale – and certainly before you go clicking through paid ads for new chair replacements –contact Cubicle World and ask for a quote from our office chair repair center.

Our account managers are highly trained, ethical, and transparent people who will readily tell you if a replacement chair is indeed a better option. However, don’t assume that the cost of repair is always higher just because you see something online that recommends the “throw it away and buy another one” approach.

It never pays off to recklessly toss things whose value can be restored for prices comparable to pennies on the dollars.

Consider the cost savings that our office chair repair center can pass to you as a customer.

As a turnkey office furniture installer, we represent over 200 manufacturers in our industry―almost all of whom make chairs. It’s not like we are lacking for parts with these connections. Provided a manufacturer still makes a particular model chair, we can locate the part, purchase it at wholesale costs, and bundle those directly into our reasonable labor rates.

You simply will not find an online retail source that can beat our prices.

This is because many of these entities simply broker product sales with exorbitant markups and shipping costs. Others send the chairs back to the manufacturers for repair. In these instances, the customer has to absorb the cost of the manufacturer’s labor and often cover shipping as well.

This is not how it works with Cubicle World’s office chair repair center.

Our own fleet of trucks, driven by experienced, full-time employees, will handle pickup and return delivery of your office chairs. We an even bring you loaner chairs if you need them.

Why wait any longer to call?  Cubicle World is waiting to help you. Contact us today.

Cubicle World’s Office Chair Repair Center – Free Quote 713-412-3090

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