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December 4, 2015

Recent statistics show that 80 percent of office workers spend all day at their desks. Assuming they don’t remain in the office for overtime, they’re sitting at their workstations for 40 hours every week (which translates to more than 2,000 hours per year). Choosing the best office cubicle desks you can find not only improves your office’s aesthetics, but also keeps your employees comfortable and safe.

Office Cubicle Desk Height

The ideal office cubicle desk height should correspond with the preferred seating arrangement. Taller chairs necessitate taller desks, which can be beneficial if you need to maximize storage space in a small cubicle. However, height also impacts employee posture and comfort.

Some cubicle desks are height adjustable, which means you can change the desk height to suit your employees’ needs. Others come with fixed heights, which can work just as well as long as you choose a height that matches other furniture in the office.

Desk Finishes

The best desk finishes will stand up to abuse and complement the decor and furnishings in your office space. Wood-grain-style desk finishes work well for traditional office spaces. They exude elegance and refinement, which can make visitors and employees feel more formal.

You can also go with laminate desk finishes. They’re more sleek and modern, which might fit well with a young or more informal company. They also show damage less easily, so if your employees are hard on their workstations, a plain laminate finish might work best.

Desk Configurations

Most office cubicle desks consist of a single rectangular surface. It might stretch from one cubicle panel to the one opposite it, perhaps with built-in storage. However, other types of configurations exist, so you’ll need to consider your employees’ needs as well as space limitations.

For instance, an L- or U-shaped desk offers more surface area and greater flexibility. If your employees often move from one computer to another or if they need to work by hand on paper as well as at a computer terminal, one of these configurations might suit you better than the traditional variety.

Desk Prices

When purchasing office furniture, price is certainly a consideration. You don’t want to blow your entire quarterly budget on cubicle desks, but neither do you want to walk away with substandard equipment. Refurbished office cubicle desks offer a happy medium between expensive, brand new desks and as-is used models.

At Cubicle World, we refurbish our cubicle furniture so that it resembles like-new pieces. We’ll replace torn or worn finishes, update hardware, and make any other necessary changes. You still won’t pay the same price you would for new desks, but you’ll get high-quality furniture.

As-is used desks offer a cheaper alternative. However, you’ll have to cope with possible blemishes that might reduce your office’s aesthetic appeal.

If you’re ready to furnish your office with cubicle desks, browse workstations at our website or visit our West Houston location to view our inventory in person. Our in-house design experts can help you find a desk configuration that suits your business perfectly. Contact us today.

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