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July 15, 2016

Professional Office Cubicle Installation Services

The big day is coming. You’re soon going to be seeing your old office cubicles leaving your office as the boxes holding your new cubicles are coming in. You should have gotten an agreement from a professional office furniture installation company to assemble and install your new cubicles. This isn’t a DIY job. It’s involved enough that, if you want your employees to be safe as they do their work, professionals should assemble and install them.

Hire a Professional Company

At Cubicle World, we have professional installers who, when you’re ready to take delivery of your new or used cubicles, will go to your office and install every one of your cubicles for you. Every installer is professionally trained, ensuring that, once your cubicle installation is complete, you and your employers will be able to sit and work safely in your cubicles.

Installers Should Work Safely

When you see the installers who are assembling and installing your new cubicles, you don’t want to see them tossing tools or cubicle parts in between each other. That’s dangerous and could, obviously lead to property damage or physical injuries.

Instead, you want to see each member of the installation team walking with tools to give them to another installer. You also want to see them working with their tools in a safe and appropriate manner, which again, reduces the risk of injury to themselves or to anyone else who happens to be nearby.

The Team Should Ensure They Have All Parts and Equipment

It’s probably happened to you. When you buy something that requires “some assembly,” you’ve probably begun the work of putting all parts together before you realize something. You’re missing several nuts or bolts. Or, you’re missing a critical part of the item you’re assembling, which means you need to take it all apart, put it all back into the box and return it to the store. That’s just a bit frustrating.

That’s why our installers will ensure they have all cubicle pieces and fasteners before they begin to put cubicles together. Result: Every one of your cubicles will be efficiently and professionally assembled, then fastened to the floor of your office, enabling you and your team to get back to work.

The Team Should Know How to Assemble and Install Your Cubicles

Our installers have to be able to install different styles of cubicles, various brands of cubicles and know how to switch easily between each. This gives you the benefit of knowing that, when the installation work is done, every cubicle, whether it’s a call center cubicle, standard cubicle or a cubicle with high walls and a door, will be correctly put together. After all, if we had to choose each installer based on the types of cubicles you ordered, it would be difficult for that team to work together.

Finally, every installer we hire should be willing to work as you watch your new cubicles being put together. Additionally, they should be willing to stop and answer your questions. Once the work is done, they should check that everything is secure and level. Need more help? Contact us today.

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