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November 11, 2016

As you plan your move, whether to an existing office suite in your current building or all the way across town, you shouldn’t have to worry about doing everything – including cubicle installation – by yourself. It’s best for you to rely on trained professionals. They know what they are doing. For this reason alone, you should contract with a professional mover/installer. There are other reasons as well.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Office furniture is heavy and unwieldy. Office cubicles are even more so. You don’t want to run the risk that you or your employees could be injured while attempting to move something.

If they aren’t used to doing heavy work because the majority of their days are spent behind desks, they may be at even higher risk of being injured, just because they may not be very physically fit. Call us here at Cubicle World. We’ll be able to help you plan your upcoming move and, on moving day, disassemble your cubicles, then move them to moving vans. At your new location, we’ll take everything off the vans and move it into your new office. This leaves your employees safe and healthy, ready to work on ensuring they have everything they need to get started after your move.

Rely on the Professionals’ Experience

Our employees are professionals. They know how to package your cubicles safely, then remove them from their boxes once everything is in your new office. Our employees will take the boxes to a designated disposal area and break them down for you.

Once all of the cubicles have been unboxed, you’ll be able to relax (somewhat), knowing that they are being reassembled by our employees. Our workers will efficiently put every cubicle together; in addition, they will join individual cubicles into pods for those staffers who work together.

Move, Installation and Setup Will Go Faster

Assembling office cubicles is nothing like assembling a child’s bike. While various parts have to be matched and fitted together, it’s a little more complex. This is why you should turn the project over to experienced professionals only. They will be able to get every cubicle assembled much more quickly than you would be able to do. Once they are done, you’ll be able to relax, knowing the work has been done correctly. There’s a second bonus: None of your staffers will have been harmed in the cubicle assembly process.

Choose Factory-Trained Installers

Our cubicle installers have undergone rigorous factory training, which means that, when it’s time for you to move or buy new cubicles, they will be professionally assembled and installed. Once our installers have completed their training, they receive the appropriate certifications for cubicle assembly and installation.

Each one of our installers has been fully trained in the assembly and installation of several different cubicle brands, which means that you won’t have to worry that the brand or cubicle style you’ve chosen won’t be put together correctly. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World when it’s time to buy or move. Contact us today.

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