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September 5, 2019

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Office cubicle partitions are made from many different parts that integrate into efficient work areas. Cubicle panels—as they are also called—separate employees from one another and create privacy within an otherwise open office atmosphere. Cubicle World sells many different varieties, styles, designs, and types of partitions. Our space planners will help you—free of charge—understand all of your options before you make a final decision.

Material Options
Particleboard is the most commonly used material in cubicle partitions manufacturing. Many panels are also made from a special, high-density foam or similar, sturdy material. This material is often covered with laminate or wood veneer, but it can also be covered with various types of trackable fabric. Panels are enclosed within metal and plastic frames that allow them to connect to other panels.

Office cubicle partitions can also contain glass inserts that allow employees to see beyond their work area and enjoy a little natural light that comes in from the windows. This also helps generate a semi-open office space without the noise and distractions that would follow if there were no panels al all.

Style and Color
Cubicle World carries more than 400 colors of laminates and over 500 choices in fabric. This allows our customers to customize their cubicles to look traditional, transitional, modern, or contemporary. Depending on the materials chosen, some office cubicle partitions can be coated with multiple finishes. Fabric covered panels, for instance, can be manufactured with laminate strips that run down the side for a more dynamic aesthetic impact that contributes a sense of movement and excitement to the office environment.

The taller an office cubicle partition, the greater the sound dampening and privacy. Workers in these cubicles feel like they have their own private offices. This type of configuration is ideal for sales and customer service professionals who spend most of their day on the phone.

Shorter cubicle panels facilitate teamwork by creating a semi-open office environment. Shorter partitions also allow for more circulation of conditioned air. Some panels are so short that they sit on top of desks and allow employees to see each other over the tops of the panel frames. Employees can focus by looking down at their monitors or collaborate by looking up at each other.

Cubicle Depth
Cubicle dimensions can range from 4X6 to 10X10 on the average. Obviously very large cubicles with high cubicle partitions are more like private offices than anything. These can be fitted with filing and storage systems that put everything within easy reach of the worker. Smaller workstations that are only a few feet deep are designed primarily for paperless work on the computer and on the phone.

Guided Purchasing
Office cubicle partitions can cost as little as $100 or as much as $500 per panel. Size and material build determine these costs. With so many laminates, veneer, and fabric choices available, however, even a lower end purchase can still have an exceptional look.

You can further curb cost by having Cubicle World refurbish office cubicle partitions. Typically, it takes an office furniture professional to spot a refurbished cubicle. The average client, visitor, or new hire will not even notice the difference between used workstations and new ones.

Call Cubicle World now and ask for a space planner. Receive a free office layout drawing that will help you focus your purchasing on the office cubicle partitions that will work best for you.

Office Cubicle Partitions – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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