How Do Office Cubicle Partitions Benefit Your Work Environment?

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May 27, 2019

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Office cubicle partitions are important in shaping how an employee regards their work space and shapes their experience with it. While everyone enjoys their own private personal space, it’s not always something that’s readily available to each employee, or in some cases, any employee. It may be because you lack the custom-designed workstations that would have taken employee privacy into account.

Perhaps you think they’d be beyond your current budget. Whatever the reason office cubicle partitions aren’t a part of your company’s environment, it’s best to keep in mind that when you make use of the right system, you can increase employee focus on their tasks, which are performed with more speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

You may be wondering, “What exactly are office cubicle partitions and why do I need them with my cubicles?” Partitions can serve quite a few purposes and provide multiple benefits for users and for a company as a whole. One basic use they have is their ability to define the space being taken up by your or an employee’s work area, that is, the desk or another work surface.

They not only define your personal working space; they also help to strategically separate yours from other adjacent ones, such as when there are groupings or pods of cubicles. On a larger-scale level, office cubicle partitions create divisions between whole departments as well, such as human resources, customer service, or IT. This makes the overall business easier and more efficient to navigate on multiple levels.

Personal space is a major benefit of using office cubicle partitions. While some employees might not have a problem with feeling exposed to the rest of the office, it’s a safer bet to provide some measure of privacy using partitions in each workstation.

At work, one’s identity can easily get lost as everyone works towards the goals of the company as a whole. Whether it’s making a call to a loved one, decorating the office, or surfing the web on a break, giving employees a bit of privacy can help them to define a sense of individuality and control on a deeper level, making them happier workers overall.

Office cubicle partitions are of course instrumental in regulating the balance of privacy and openness of their cubicles. Their height alone can cause pure comfort or major uneasiness. If partitions are low, they can lend themselves to a work environment that feels alive and collaborative, bright and open. However, it can be difficult for users to concentrate on their tasks at hand due to the visual and acoustical distractions they can be subjected to. In the case of high office cubicle partitions, they can minimize the idle conversation that leads to time lost and keep users focused without interruption.

However, they can also block much-needed overhead lighting that would help with visual tasks. Even if task lighting were used in the workstation for this purpose, high walls can easily contribute to a feeling of claustrophobia and confinement, as well as to a sense of isolation from the rest of the office. The preferred height for an office cubicle partition is said to be just above eye level of a user who is seated at their workstation. This can give users the best of both worlds as a balance between work duties and meaningful collaboration.

While your office cubicle partitions should be useful and comfortable, that doesn’t mean that you should have to overlook the potential beauty they can bring to your work environment. They really are an excellent way to make your workspace more attractive and expressive. Whether it’s through color, pattern, texture, or other features, you can reflect personal tastes, invoke certain emotions or mental states, or showcase company branding, all in how you specify your look from a wide range of materials. Because of how many customizable features are available among office cubicle partitions, there are hundreds and hundreds of materials to choose from.

Fabric is a familiar and still-popular material choice for partitions. Because of its relatively low cost and its high acoustical performance, this is a perfect material for decreasing unwanted environmental noise, especially if the partitions you choose are fairly high. They can also provide a tackable surface that can be used in place of a bulletin board. Adding glass inserts into partitions as windows can help to let in lighting or just create stylish breaks from the main material. This can also give your cubicle the feel of a traditional office. One idea is to line the top of each office cubicle partition with frosted glass for a beautiful running accent that can let in light but still obscure the view of passersby.

Laminate or wood veneer are also very common materials, and they can both offer a lower-cost alternative to beautiful, cozy solid wood that some might use. Other materials include metal, plastics, fiber, and even glass tiles, and even fabric tiles.

Corkboard and whiteboard can also be incorporated for your own personal use or as part of a discussion area in a multi-person collaborative cubicle that can define smaller departments or project teams. You can also try accessorizing your office cubicle partitions with things like glass windows for increased lighting, as well as storage features like overhead bins, shelving, and tool rails.

Offering flexibility in office space can be an important benefit of office cubicle partitions, particularly when on a lower budget. A company may want to periodically reconfigure their office space by rearranging workstations and other furniture, and it’s usually a necessity as the company evolves. This can be a good idea on many levels. It can provide a refreshing change of scenery as the work day takes on a dull familiarity. It can take advantage of the ergonomic principles of good circulation and make the most efficient uses of the office, potentially freeing up floor space for a less cluttered look or for accommodating future new hires. The flexibility and relative lightness of office cubicle partitions reminds you that you don’t have to be tethered to one configuration and that any other one can be realized quickly and efficiently.

Jerry’s a highly-skilled man in the realm of office planning, a service that Cubicle World offers free of charge. Our team has been well-trained to process the three-dimensional nature of interior space and to manage it. Between setting the heights of office cubicle partitions and scaling them in multiple dimensions, our team is excellent at providing atmosphere in the context of your space, as well as balancing privacy and accessibility. We provide you with a free CAD drawing of your office layout design for your approval before we start to build or order your office cubicle partitions.

With all the ways they can benefit employees in all types of businesses, take advantage of what office cubicle partitions can do for you. Give Cubicle World a call for a free consultation where we can help guide you in all things partition, from material and color choice to height and width. With each purchase you place, you can enjoy our free shipping as well. Give us a call today!

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