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October 24, 2019

An office makeover is an energizing time, whether it’s a remodel, upgrade, or an office cubicle move, it is always exciting to be “out with the old and in with the new”. That being said, an often missed part of this change is determining what to do with all of the old office cubicles you are replacing. It can be a big project you may not have considered, or reviewed too late in the process. Should you sell it? Donate it? Recycle it? Or is it a mixture of the three? There are several moving parts no matter what you decide to do. Below are some of the solutions for discarding of your old cubicle office furniture, and hopefully help make your office re-configuration even smoother.

Changes in either floor plan or location require adjustments to workspaces and individual work areas.  While we would expect such changes typically require purchasing new furniture, they often require eliminating existing office cubicles as well.

Removal of office cubicles, old desks, conference room tables, and ergonomic chairs makes way for more efficient use of existing floor space.  It also makes it easy to determine what if any, new cubicle systems, case goods, office chairs, or office desks may need to be purchased. Cubicle World will assist businesses with this service by inventorying your existing office furniture and cubicle systems and estimating the current value of each piece.

The material aspects of office cubicle removal are also handled by our furniture liquidation team.  While there may be a cost with the removal and transportation of unwanted cubicles or furniture, it is nevertheless more cost-effective than holding them in-house and trying to move them or sell them online.  Retaining existing inventory can result in higher taxes, and dedicating staff-hours to selling old office cubicles and furniture represents an internal cost to a company that will normally run much higher than our nominal pickup and moving fees.

Cubicle World vans will pick up the used cubicles and related furnishings and move them to our warehouse for short term storage.  Our cubicle and office furniture removal services become important to businesses when purchasing new office furniture. We can apply the cost of the old furniture to the invoice, decreasing the overall prices in the process. We make it a point to help each client feel that they are getting value in return.

There are also several tax benefits that cubicle and office furniture liquidation can offer a company.  Donating office furniture provides a tax write off equal to the value of the office furniture. Many companies will select Cubicle World to help them with these donations because we can organize pickup, storage, and delivery of the donated items to a charity of their choice.

When you need new office cubicles or furniture to grace your office space, don’t forget to contact Cubicle World. With all that we offer in additional services, we can guarantee your complete satisfaction. Start by giving us a call for a free consultation to see how we can help guide you in obtaining the best office cubicle furniture you can buy. Keep in mind that when you place an order with us, it ships free of charge and a complimentary space planning CAD Drawing. Give us a call at Cubicle World today!

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