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Office Cubicle Solutions
September 27, 2019

Before installing office cubicles, it’s necessary to do some initial research on office space available and the number of cubicles needed. Once you have this information you need an expert to produce a CAD office space drawing. Office space planning is needed so you can conclude about the size and number of cubicles that will fit your office space. Office size plays a role in determining the number of cubicles needed and whether it’s a personal cubicle or a set of cubicles put together to form a circle to inspire collaboration between team members.

There are a couple of solutions to arrange office cubicles. The first way is to put the cubicles right in the center of the office where the walk space will be around the center of the cubicle. The second way is to install cubicles to the walls leaving a lot of space in the center of the office to walk and move around. The second configuration seems to be less cluttered than the former. If the office space is small then it’s better to adopt the first model and save some space.

Cubicle configuration is the next key factor for office cubicles. Let’s say you own a company in a temporary office which is leased. You will have to rearrange your office now and then. Reconfiguring cubicles is the hardest part of the changing workspace, but we have a solution for this. Today we have foldable cubicle partitions that can be folded up with a push or by unscrewing just a few screws. Folding room dividers makes portability an easy job.

What Type Of Material Is Used To Manufacturer Cubicles?
One of the most commonly used materials for cubicles is wood. Wood offers a pleasant environment that sets the tone for an employee to work. Research tells us that the productivity of an office worker depends on the environment he or she is placed in. Contemporary office cubicle designs use plastic rather than wood. Usually, cubicle partitions are covered by fabric or rugged cloth to give an upscale look. 

Also, let’s look at some other cost-cutting methods when shopping for office cubicles. There are a lot of used or refurbished cubicles available in the market at a lower price point. Second-hand office cubicles are also available at discount prices. After purchasing second-hand furniture, you can do a touchup job that costs next to nothing. Contact us today.

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