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August 8, 2016

New, Used & Refurbished Office Cubicle Solutions

When it’s time for you to buy new cubicles, we work with you, no matter whether your business is large or small. The only differing considerations that we keep in mind is the size of your office building and what kinds of cubicles you’re interested in. Beyond that, we’re going to offer the small-business owner the same high level of service that the owner of the large business will get. In the end, you should have the cubicles and workstations your employees need. They should fit and they should allow everyone to work efficiently.

Small Businesses – Limited Space?

As a small-business owner, you have limited space in your office for cubicles, desks, office chairs and filing cabinets. When you begin looking for the cubicles you need for your company, let us know that you have a small working space. This allows us to begin thinking of and testing cubicle placement solutions that make the wisest use of space.

Because you don’t have very much room, you need to be able to use imaginative space-saving ideas. We’ll also help you find a way of dividing the floor space between your different departments so they can work without interruption from others in your company. If you have a small team of call center workers, you’ll need to enclose them so the sounds of their conversations won’t leak over to other departments.

Provide Needed Privacy for All

Your payroll, accounting and human resources departments all handle private employee information that should be kept confidential. Strategic placement of partitions can help shield these departments from overly curious, prying eyes.

Workstations with high dividing walls also serve this purpose. Your employees will benefit from another feature of the high workstation walls: They help to deflect a little bit of noise, allowing your workers to focus more on their projects and assignments.

Make Use of Partitions

Order free-standing partitions. Our installation experts will set them up in the best areas of your office, dividing departments from each other. These partitions also help to deflect some of the noise that’s inevitable in a large workspace. If these partitions are covered with fabric, everyone will benefit even more from less noise. If you want to create “hallways,” our installers will help by placing several partitions between groupings of cubicles and workstations so everyone can walk from one area to another without disturbing other workers.

Large Businesses – Call Center Cubicles

Call center cubicles generally have lower dividing walls that allow for worker-to-worker collaboration and teamwork. Their smaller size means that, in your larger business, you’ll be able to order larger quantities of cubicles, giving everyone the work space they need.

Workstation Cubicles

Workstation cubicles have higher walls that give additional privacy. They are designed so they can be placed side by side or in small groupings for different departments.

These cubicles are larger, providing additional storage space for your employees to store paperwork, files and office supplies.

After consulting with our Cubicle World experts, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to order.

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