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September 26, 2019

The cubicles and cubicle setup utilized by front-office employees are going to be markedly different from those used by workers in the information technology department, collections and creative design division. As supervisors begin to take a look at what their current employer has on hand and comparing it to what is needed, they need to see what is convenient for their employees so they can decide whether their budget will permit the large purchase they are about to make.

Find Out What Workers Need
Management has concluded. The old office cubicles have come to the end of their lifespan and it’s time to purchase new cubicles for every worker. Before the new office furniture is requisitioned, every supervisor needs to sit down with his employees and find out what they presume they need. After working in their existing cubicles for many years, the staff knows what works for them and what doesn’t. They will bring up space issues, storage issues and the ease of moving around inside their individual spaces.

Different Cubicles For Different Departments
What works for the collection department won’t work for graphic artists or the information technology department. Collections staff are on their computers and phones throughout their shifts. They are contacting individuals who are behind in paying their bills, which means they are speaking to people all day long. Compare this with creative staff such as copywriters, graphic designers, and Information technology workers. They have to concentrate for long periods and they need to have a quiet environment.

When two different departments with different functions work near each other, employees are going to be frustrated. Creative staff is going to want additional quiet while the collections workers are going to want the freedom to make their phone calls and use their natural voices.

What Information Technology Workers Need
Owners of large businesses have likely seen employees from their IT department moving from cubicle to cubicle. These workers then escape into an enclosed cubicle conference room so they can work out a coding issue without being disturbed by those noisy phone calls in the collections department.

This happens because IT employees need big blocks of undisturbed time, so they can concentrate on what they are working on. If they are repeatedly being pulled out of their “focus zone,” it takes much longer to complete their work. These employees can be placed into one sizeable enclosed cubicle, ideally away from other, noisier units. Preferably, they should be placed close to a pod of small conference rooms.

Options and Necessities
Finally, supervisors need to know what each employee needs in his/her office cubicle. From electrical fixtures to overhead cabinets, businesses can customize the cubicles they are about to purchase. Management may end up reviewing their notes because some employees are going to need extra office space, based on their job responsibilities.

Now that management knows what they and their workers need, it’s time to visit Cubicle World the Leading Manufacturer Of Office Furniture & Cubicles. Our experts will help them as they discuss their pending orders. Contact us today.

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