Office Cubicles For Sale, Installation & Repair Services FR-102

Office Cubicles For Sale, Installation & Repair Services FR-102
February 25, 2016

Office Cubicles For Sale Now!

When you think of office cubicles, you probably think of “Office Space,” “The Office” or even “Dilbert,” the comic strip. The cubicles in this comic strip, television show and movie are bland and . . . let’s face it: boring and dull. All the cubicles look the same. It doesn’t matter whether the employee is in Human Resources, web design or IT – all the cubicles are exactly the same. That’s not exactly a nod to creative and effective design.

Not Your Usual Office Cubicle

As the time to buy new cubicles draws nearer, think beyond “the usual” and add “design” to your thinking process. You should be thinking of “designer office cubicles,” where you’ll be able to take advantage of different cubicle materials, looks and even cubicle colors. And, if the colors in your branding and logo are strong enough to make a statement in your office, you may decide you want to go with all neutral tones or shades for your new cubicles.

Beyond colors and materials, don’t forget that different departments need cubicles that are designed and even configured differently. Clerks, writers and sales staff can easily work in designer cubicles that have lower walls. When the cubicles are adjoined, these teams can easily confer and work with each other. Other teams need privacy and more quiet, so order designer cubicles with higher walls for them.

Do They Fit Your Business’ Needs?

Whether you’re looking at designer cubicles or not, as long as you find exactly what you need for your employees, your needs will be met. Your workers need sufficient room to move and work. They need storage space that allows them to put papers and supplies away.

You need enough cubicles to house each employee, as well as the ability to remove cubicles and store them when you cut back on employees. When you hire additional employees, you need to be able to easily and quickly re-install the extra cubicles you put into storage. Maybe you need larger cubicles that resemble small offices – you’ll be able to find these if you ask a furniture expert about them. Above all, before you order, get input from every member of your staff, so you’ll be able to discuss specific styles, designs and needs with one of our furniture experts at Cubicle World.

Consider the Physical Accommodations for Your Employees

Those small cubicles that telemarketers use are fine for that purpose, but they have very little style and even less storage space. On the other hand, if you order one of the larger cubicles and assign it to a lower-level clerical employee, they will have too much space to fill.

“Size” needs to be considered for another reason. Your employees aren’t all the same height, size, and weight. Some are smaller while others are bigger. You’ll need to find one cubicle design that accommodates all employees who will be working in them.

Taking Your Office to the Next Level

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to move beyond the “usual” uni-design cubicle and stretch out to order cubicles that are visually exciting. Look for cubicles with color and physical design elements that echo your business’ mindset. Browse our cubicles, order the designer models you want. Then, contact us.

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