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Custom Cubicle Workstations
November 16, 2016

When it’s time to buy new cubicles for your business, you need to take several things into consideration. First, you need well-built, high-quality cubicles. Even if the partition dividers aren’t made of glass, the fabric dividers should have fabric in colors that complement your office’s color scheme. Order as many as you need so everyone has a space to work. Ensure your cubicles can be customized in layouts that benefit your employees. Finally, don’t forget warranties for every cubicle.

Cubicles are of High Quality

All materials used in the cubicles you eventually select should be sturdy and of high quality. As you visit office furniture stores, inspect every cubicle you’re interested in buying. Make sure they have been made with strong materials that will hold up to hard, daily use.

Look at the partition dividers and verify the colors you can order for fabric dividers. You want those colors to complement or coordinate well with your office decor and your branding. Ask our Cubicle World consultant for a brochure that shows all the colors and color combinations you’ll be able to select.

You Can Order the Quantity You Need

Well before the date when you need to have the new office cubicles installed, get in touch with us and let us know how many cubicles you need. Break this number down and specify to us how many of each kind of cubicle you’ll need.

If you do this early enough, you can avoid not having enough cubicles for every employee. It’s likely that your old cubicles will have already been unassembled and removed from your office as you prepare for delivery and installation. If you order the exact quantity you need as far in advance as possible, you may also be able to take advantage of bulk or volume discounts.

Obtain a Warranty for Every Cubicle

Even though you’re ordering new cubicles, things can go wrong. A part of one cubicle can fail, placing employees in and around that cubicle at risk of physical injury. Even though you tell your employees to take care of their workspaces, someone may not take the appropriate care, causing harm to their workspace, most likely accidentally.

For both of these situations, it’s vitally important to have warranties for each cubicle so the needed repairs can be made without taking a big chunk out of your office furniture budget.

You’ll be Able to Customize Cubicles

From the individuals who work solo to those who work in groups, you need to be able to customize their offices and seating. You have several reasons for doing so. Some individuals, because of the nature of their job responsibilities, have to work solo. Others simply prefer to do so, because they need quiet around them.

Others work in groups because it makes their jobs such easier as they collaborate. For instance, graphic designers may need to work on several parts of the same image or design. Being close to each other allows them to discuss their work without disturbing others around them. Employees working on contracts or documents that need input from multiple players need to be close together for the same reason. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World today. Contact us today.

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