How to Accessorize Office Cubicles for Your Sales Professionals

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September 7, 2018

If you are hiring sales professionals, and you plan to purchase new office cubicles, call Jerry Mogyorody at Cubicle World. In addition to his role as founder and President of our company, Jerry himself is our top salesperson. His track record of exceptional success has taught him more than just the “secrets of selling.” It has taught him how to build custom work environments for top performers like himself. Jerry knows how busy sales professionals are, and he knows how important it is for them to manage information quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Long before network engineers built the information highway with cabling, routers, and computers, Jerry was building information management systems with panels, desks, and filing systems.

One thing Jerry emphasizes to his sales team is the importance of being able to find things. Office cubicles, he maintains, must be well lighted. No one is going to find anything in the dark, so office cubicles must have an abundance of lighting, so agents can locate quotes, sales literature, and notes taken during phone calls. Therefore, he prefers to design cubicle panels with glass inserts. As we can see in the photograph above, these glass inserts allow exterior lighting to flood the desk area. If all the agent had were the task light behind the desk, and if the panels contained no glass, the light distribution in this workstation would be concentrated behind the agent’s monitor. Instead, Jerry has created a work area here that is BRIGHTER than the surrounding office.

Another design component that Jerry incorporates into office cubicles is the panel mounted organizer. Panel mounted organizers allow agents to store paperwork above the desk surface. There are two reasons for this. One, anything on a desk can easily fall onto the floor and be lost. Secondly, keeping the desk free of paperwork allows the agent to work with more than one display monitor, use a personal printer, and have plenty of room for a desk phone, cell phone, and tablet. In the picture above, we see a simple letter tray mounted just above where a printer would normally sit on the desk. Letter trays are great for temporary storage during those busy times when the agent does not have time to ruffle through the filing cabinet. They keep quotes, literature, and notes in a specific location so nothing gets misplaced. Later, after things calm down and are not so busy, the agent can always move the contents from the tray to the file cabinet. Keep in mind too that letter trays are only one type of panel mounted organizer. There are also several types of shelves that we can add to the panel walls that will allow sales professionals to organize booklets, manuals, folders, and office supplies—neatly arranged and within arm’s reach.

While office cubicles panels can be made from laminate, veneer, or fabric, those made from fabric offer some significant advantages over harder materials. For one thing, a soundproof, central core within the fabric can muffle sound, making it possible for the sales agent to talk on the phone without distracting noise in the background. Fabric panels also allows the agent to pin important notes to the wall so that emails and phone numbers of important contacts remain clearly within sight as a reminder to follow up. Many fabrics, too, cost less than wood veneer and laminates. This makes it possible for companies to afford to accessories their office cubicles with glass, organizing systems, and better lighting.

Jerry knows sales, and Jerry knows how to build office cubicles for your sales team. Call him now, and get started with a complimentary office layout design drawing.

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