3 Simple Steps To Choosing the Best Designer Office Cubicles FR-102

3 Simple Steps To Choosing the Best Designer Office Cubicles FR-102
November 12, 2015

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Before you go to any office furniture store to replace old cubicles, do your homework. Look at your current configuration and figure out why it isn’t working. If your current cubicles reflect what your business used to be and you’re moving up in choosing new cubicles – designer cubicles for your employees and managers, you’re going to pay more money than you did in the past. Explore what you need, what is available and what your business can afford.

The Steps

Determine what space you’ll be filling with new workstations. If the cubicles are bigger, that space will grow. As you look at the physical space, don’t forget to look at lighting. If you have windows that allow lots of natural light in, take advantage of that.

How many employees will be occupying these cubicles? In general, you’ll need from 25 square feet up to about 64 square feet for the various workstations you’ll be buying. Call center workstations are the smallest while those for management are the largest.

Know the job functions and responsibilities of each employee. This will allow you to determine how big each station should be.

What’s your office work culture? Do workers share and collaborate often or do they work individually? Do some departments require more privacy and quiet than others? Perhaps you have a mix of collaborators and those who don’t require as much collaboration.

Don’t forget about your workers’ needs for data, connectivity and power. They also need to be able to talk with customers by phone.

Try not to order “cookie cutter” cubicles. Different workers have different responsibilities and needs. Some may walk back and forth more than other workers, who may spend the great majority of their days seated at their stations. Keep style in the forefront of your thinking. You want your space to be attractive, creating a work environment that your employees are happy to work in. Add glass partitions to some workstations. Incorporate other touches of style with some of the accessories you choose. You’ll also be choosing laminates, finishes and fabric panels. Color plays a large part of your environment, so choose colors that complement your business branding.

Guide for Purchasing

A few considerations for you:
º Height
º Width and depth
º Storage space
º Coordinate with your physical space

All of these are important. Your workers need sufficient working and storage space. If they are crowded out of their cubicles by paper, they can’t get their work done. The worker who handles mainly phone calls won’t need the same cubicle space as the clerical or administrative worker.

Finally, you want your new designer cubicles to coordinate well with your office space. Choose cubicle colors that will complement or contrast well with your office’s colors.

Different Designer Cubicles

If you are looking for cubicles that don’t look like the office setting for “Dilbert” or “Mad Men,” look for cubicles that have been constructed with an eye to style. Perhaps a pod of semi-circular cubicles will give your office the look and pizzazz you’re seeking. Maybe your managers can sit in a group together, with higher walls that keep them semi-separated from the rest of the office. Or each manager can be located closer to their workers.

Cubicle Pricing

Expect to pay, on average, about $15 per square foot to have your new cubicles installed. Designer cubicles will cost more than regular cubicles.

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