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Used Cubicles For Offices For Sale Now Online!
April 6, 2016

Custom Office Cubicles Will Maximize Your Space!

When it’s time to buy the cubicles you need, don’t overlook the option of buying used for you and your staff. Used cubicles can be re-manufactured or refurbished office cubicles, giving you the look and function of new cubicles, without paying for new. In addition, you need to think about choosing cubicles that are customized to the needs of individual employees, teams or roles.

Understanding What You Need

As you think about what you need, then begin to make decisions, remember to keep in mind what your business’ needs are before you begin to make selections. Cubicles come in different sizes and configurations, and you need to know which will work for your business’ needs.

Whether you need cubicles for an IT, graphic design or web design team, you’ll need to know what they each need. Think about your managers, HR employees and your call center workers, if you have such a group of employees. All of their needs will differ.

Knowing What Your Employees Need

While your clerks and secretaries need cubicles with storage space, your IT workers need cubicles that shield them from excessive noise in your office – they have to build complex code and need to be able to concentrate completely. The needs of each group of employees are different, so you would order different types of cubicles for them.

In the same way, your managers need to be able to close their spaces off when they are interviewing job applicants, dealing with confidential matters or counseling employees on sensitive personnel issues. You can buy cubicles that have high, six-foot walls and even doors that allow them to block the sounds of their conversations when necessary.

Your employees responsible for taking incoming phone calls or making outgoing calls can use telemarketer’s cubicles. Whatever you order, make sure it will be configured to every employee’s needs.

New or Used – Choosing Used Cubicles

Finally, you may still be weighing your options between new or used cubicles. Remanufactured or refurbished office cubicles will meet your company’s needs long into the future, as long as you take good care of them. If you need to save money, then buying used cubicles will help you get what you need and save money at the same time.

If you go with used, choose remanufactured over refurbished office cubicles. These will be inspected closely, and all flaws and broken areas will be repaired. By the time this is done, the cubicles will look and perform just like new, but for 30 to 50 percent of the cost of new.

Cubicle World Can Help Your Company

If you have already decided to buy used cubicles, call our experts at Cubicle World. We will be able to show you just what kinds of pieces will meet the needs of your company and all of your employees. If you occupy a cubicle as well, we’ll be able to show you styles with high walls and doors. When you call, let us know what you are looking for and discuss your questions. Our expert staff will answer them for you. Browse our cubicles before buying used cubicles for your business. Give us a call today.

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